“The Chief” by Wildcat! Wildcat!

Downtown‘s Wildcat! Wildcat! makes electro pop with subtle beats, falsetto harmonies, and spiced synths that comes off as just plain sexy. The bearded trio has known each other since middle school but just now discovered the best collaborative formula to make them a token buzz band. Currently working on their debut album, the band likes to release periodic teasers. Here’s their latest:

Wildcat! Wildcat! will perform tomorrow night with Haim on the Santa Monica Pier as part of the Twilight Concert Series.

Wildcat! Wildcat!’s Official siteWildcat! Wildcat! on FacebookWildcat! Wildcat! on TwitterWildcat! Wildcat! on BandcampWildcat! Wildcat! on Soundcloud

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One thought on ““The Chief” by Wildcat! Wildcat!

  1. […] The duo likes to croon over sparse beats that sometimes escalate into dance breaks. This is what Wildcat! Wildcat! would be if they lost a few band members and most of their instruments. Enjoy their latest single […]

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