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“High School” by Go West Young Man

Manifest Destiny is a concept that still prevails in the hearts of American youth. An ideal that everything will be better if you just head to the coast. So it’s no surprise that Go West Young Man coined their moniker after the famous quote by 17th century newspaper editor Horace Greeley that captured the movement. Originally a duo of Damin Suarez and Matt Nakamura, the Atwater Village-based act expanded to a quartet that pumps out catchy, infectious indie rock that induces dancing and hopping with steady blasts of pop. Their new album Ages will be released on October 30th, but for now you can enjoy its first single “High School”:

Free Bike Valet will be presenting the first night of Go West Young Man‘s October residency this Tuesday (10.2) at The Central. Also performing will be Sheera, The Breakups, and College Kids. Please come out for a fun free show!

res flyer

Go West Young Man’s Official WebsiteGo West Young Man on FacebookGo West Young Man on TwitterGo West Young Man on YoutubeGo West Young Man on Bandcamp

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“Gold” by Gangi

Gangi makes dreamy indie-rock pop that conjures jovial sun-drenched afternoons spent wandering about with a bit of existentialism on the mind. Founded by Matt Gangi in Brooklyn, Gangi turned into a duo after moving to Glendale and recruiting multi-instrumentalist Eric Chramosta. Together they roam yard sales and estate auctions for old analogue electronics to “fix and repurpose components from” for their recording studio and record label: Office Of Analogue And Digital. They also like to reference time travel and space journeys, but don’t let them confuse you and just obey the chorus of their new single “Gold”:

“You’ve got to put your hands up!”

Gangi‘s second album Gesture Is (Office Of Analogue And Digital) will be released on October 2nd.

They will be performing at The Central on Monday, October 1st with Adventure Galley and June Humor.


Find out how to win tickets by following our Twitter @FreeBikeValet.

Gangi’s Official Site, Gangi on Facebook, Gangi on Twitter, Gangi on Soundcloud, Office Of Analogue and Digital

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“What You’re Doing To Me” By The Dustbowl Revival

A couple years ago, The Dustbowl Revival made a collective stomp on the dusty stages of Venice Beach as if they popped out of a John Steinbeck novel and skipped the last half-century. Self-described as a “roots collective,” the ten-piece plus big band blends traditional American jazz, bluegrass, swing, blues, folk, and some other genres that only Charlie Chaplin and his Roaring Twenties entourage would recognize. Their arsenal of instruments includes the trombone, cornet, mandolin, kazoo, and even the washboard, but just like a Wu-Tang Clan concert, you never know who you’re going to get. And if band founder Zach Lupetin is RZA, their Ol’ Dirty Bastard is the chanteuse Caitlin Doyle –as evident on their second album Holy Ghost Station which was produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Ferraby Lionheart). Enjoy Doyle’s smooth swoon on “What You’re Doing To Me”:

The Dust Bowl Revival will release their third album within the year. You can catch them tonight at The Central with The Muddy Reds, Hargo, and John Wayne Bro.

The Dust Bowl Revival’s Official Site, The Dust Bowl Reival on FacebookThe Dust Bowl Revival on TwitterThe Dust Bowl Revival on VimeoThe Dust Bowl Revival on BandcampThe Dust Bowl Revival on Soundcloud

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“Regeneration X” by Hargo

Cardiff‘s Hargo makes melodic pop rock that’s an unapologetic throwback to the late 90’s: acoustic intros, soaring vocals, and a charged wall of sound. Born into a Sikh family as Hargobind Hari Khalsa, “Hargo” likes to sprinkle his songs with Eastern sounds (sitars, chamber chants) that subtly hint at his heritage, but with a full band behind him he just really wants to rock –loudly, proudly, and with passion. Hargo‘s LP Out Of Mankind (Rhetorik Music) was released earlier this year and features the radio-friendly single “Regeneration X”:

Hargo will perform tomorrow at The Central with The Muddy Reds, The Dustbowl Revival, and John Wayne Bro.


Hargo’s Official Site, Hargo on Facebook, Hargo on TwitterHargo on Soundcloud

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“Before You Lose It” Music Video by Naama Kates

There’s something different about Los Feliz’s Naama Kates… something unique. And it’s not just her name. It would be easy to dismiss her as just another piano chick, but everything about her demands a second glance. Maybe it’s her lounge chic style or her obsession with Shakespeare, but it’s probably her solid song writing that takes tiny risks with various tempos and dynamics. Right now she’s the girl (performing-in-the-bar) next door, so do yourself a favor: stop drinking and listen.

Naama Kates‘ released a music video for her first single “Before You Lost It” which is off her debut album The Unexamined Life. Directed by Princeton Holt, the video is part film school project, ’90s TV drama, and home-made footage; but it excellently captures the dreary essence of Kates’ dark diary expressions:

“Wash that blood off your hands, before you stain them…”

Naama Kates’ Official Site, Naama Kates on FacebookNaama Kates on Twitter, Naama Kates on Youtube

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“Family Haircut” Music Video by Agent Ribbons

Sacramento natives Natalie Gordon (guitar/vocals) and Lauren Hess (drums/vocals) are the garage pop duo Agent Ribbons. Together they crank out steady grooves laced with la-la harmonies that often speak of dark tales filled with twisted humor. They return with the EP Let Them Talk (Antenna Farm) as a fan pleaser before they release their third album due next year. Director Melissa Cha shot them a music video for the opening track “Family Haircut” featuring the jumper clad girls playing in abandoned academies, green graveyards, and dirty dance studios –perhaps the most appropriately set video for them to date:

Let Them Talk is available as a 7″ or digitallyAgent Ribbons will soon depart for tour.

Agent Ribbons’ Official Site, Agent Ribbons on Facebook, Agent Ribbons on Twitter, Agent Ribbons on Bandcamp, Antenna Farm RecordsMelissa Cha

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“(You Got A) Pretty Mouth” by Great White Buffalo

Great White Buffalo might live in Los Feliz, but they sound like they went through a dozen dirty dive bars to get there. Like a pop rock band that got hooked on chew and whiskey, they spit out upbeat groove rock filtered through cigarette smoke and rough croons. As a follow up to their debut album All At Once, the quartet self-released the EP Tightrope this year and it features the hook ridden track “(You Got A) Pretty Mouth” which is probably an appropriate reference to the infamous line from the movie Deliverance:

Great White Buffalo will open for The Muddy Reds, Robinson, and The Dead Ships tonight at The Central.

Great White Buffalo’s Official Site, Great White Buffalo on Facebook, Great White Buffalo on Twitter, Great White Buffalo on Bandcamp

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“Get Me Golden” by Terraplane Sun

Venice Beach‘s soulful sons called Terraplane Sun are back with more blues-based rock that soaks up the sun with radiant grooves. Their new EP, Friends, will be self-released on October 16th and was produced by Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket). The track “Get Me Golden” carries a lively jive filled with group vocals and instinctive handclaps on top of their reliable psych jams –just the sort of single that is destined to breakout the Westside‘s great big hope to the next level:

Tonight, Terraplane Sun will perform with The Mowgli’s, Tijuana Tears, and The Deltaz as presented by Indie On The Westside at The Malibu Inn.

Terraplane Sun’s Official WebsiteTerraplane Sun on FacebookTerraplane Sun on Twitter, Terraplane Sun on BandcampTerraplane Sun on Soundcloud

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“Blame Me” by Moostache

Huntington Beach‘s Moostache makes solid pop rock with earnest melodies and consistent hooks. While their neighbors are busy skating or surfing, these three brothers (and a friend) are busy making catchy jams as if they just bought a mid-90’s college rock CD collection from a yard sale next door. And while their moniker might be a miss, their music is stellar, as evident on their debut LP Anything, Alone which was produced by Jon O’Brien (Young The Giant, The Ross Sea Party). Here’s the super addictive “Blame Me”:

Moostache’s Official Site, Moostache on Facebook, Moostache on Twitter, Moostache on Bandcamp, Moostache on Soundcloud

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“Don’t Blow It” by Eyes Lips Eyes

It’s obvious that Eyes Lips Eyes aren’t from around here. The Provo, UT natives sport super shaggy hair, track jackets, big bushy beards, and un-ironic trucker hats –all of which hinders their ability to blend in with the horned rimmed glasses and skinny jean brethren of Los Angeles’s indie elite. But it’s also obvious that the now Downtown L.A. residents would never care about something as frivolous as fitting in, which makes them all the more original and cool. Lead by the charismatic vocalist Tony Hello, the band makes disco-punk pop rock that’s as naturally catchy as it is danceable. They take the dance-punk elements of Electric Six or Radio Four and soften them up with hand claps and wooing falsettos. And regardless if they tried or not, they do fit in; because if there’s one thing California does embrace, it’s someone who knows how to party.

Eyes Lips Eyes recently released the EP What You Want (If You Want) on Roll Call Records and was co-produced by John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf). It features the infectious single “Don’t Blow It”:

Eyes Lips Eyes will soon tour for almost the rest of 2012.

Eyes Lips Eyes’ Official Site, Eyes Lips Eyes on Facebook, Eyes Lips Eyes on Twitter,  Roll Call Records

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