“The Only Place” Music Video by Best Coast

Eagle Rock‘s Best Coast is in a purgatory stage of stardom: No longer a buzz band but not yet an arena act. The mainstream majority hasn’t heard of them, but soon they will. And for those who do know, they either love them or denounce them as overrated. But regardless, everything is going very well for the obviously-too-cute Bethany Cosentino (vocals, guitar) and the too-often-press-snubbed Bobb Bruno (bass, misc.). Their second album The Only Place (Mexican Summer) was released on May 15th and has led them to launching a fashion line for Urban Outfitters, appearing on the July/August cover of SPIN, and recently performing on Conan –which means they successfully checked off the indie rock band wish-list trifecta in a matter of months. They might be able to die happy now, but I’m sure the coed duo isn’t giving up until they reach heaven.

The music video for Best Coast‘s new album title track is everything you would expect from a band whose moniker implies California snobbery: a carefree day of juvenile yet fun mischief in Los Angeles –which is probably everyday if you’re in Best Coast. And luckily, they didn’t branch out too far from their signature adorable surf pop that lulls endorphins with a warm breezy haze of psych rock.

Best Coast will perform with No tonight on the Santa Monica Pier for the last Twilight Concert Series of this year. Come out and enjoy the Summer before it’s gone…

Best Coast’s Official Site, Best Coast on Facebook, Best Coast on Twitter, Best Coast on SoundcloudMexican Summer Records

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One thought on ““The Only Place” Music Video by Best Coast

  1. […] carried a hypnotic hint of wanderlust. For their new album, they recruited producer Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Fool’s Gold) who is probably responsible for focusing their sound to a new level of […]

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