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“Suffah” by Gavin Turek

Valley girl Gavin Turek began her artistic ascent when she started making beats on a laptop in her dorm room at Scripps. Her sister secretly posted the music online which eventually led to the “first lady of Brainfeeder,” Tokimonsta, recruiting Turek to sing several tracks on her Creature Dreams EP. Now exposed and ready to play, Turek is an electro poptress armed with a glossy voice and a wild mane combo that brings a full-frontal assault performance to her dance driven anthems. The tempos are fun and the synths are aplenty, as it’s all an unapologetic throwback to the party vibe of the 80’s yet coated with a contemporary texture that sometimes carries an eclectic electronic edge –such as the intro on her new latest leaked track “Suffah”:

Turek is currently in the studio working on her debut album and is the featured vocalist (again) on Tokimonsta‘s second full length album coming out on Ultra Records in January.

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Turek’s first residency night at The Central for the month of November beginning this Tuesday:

Also performing is Noa Dori and Orca Team. In honor of Election Day, drink specials will be given to any patron with a voting sticker.

Gavin Turek’s Official WebsiteGavin Turek on FacebookGavin Turek on TwitterGavin Turek on InstagramGavin Turek on TumblrGavin Turek on YouTubeGavin Turek on Soundcloud

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“Refugees” by The New Limb

A new band dynamic has arisen in Silver Lake. Instead of just being a back-up for some frontman, bands are now made of multiple songwriters that collaborate and switch instruments to arrange an enveloping wall of sound. Frequent group vocals are used for lush harmonies. And there is always a token girl.

Milo Greene has taken this delicate pop rock to the mainstream. The Ross Sea Party will be next with their superb new album Hotel Pool. And rising up is the Costa Mesa (now Silver Lake, of course) quintet The New Limb. They might be newer to the scene, but their spotlight is already overdue. Currently working on a second album with producers Nolan Sipe and Ryan Peterse, the group continues to create melodically driven rhythms and encompassing choruses that make each song a whirlwind of aural bliss. Here’s the leaked track “Refugees”:

The New Limb will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young Man, The Shade, and Western Scene. And it’s FREE!

The New Limb’s Official Site, The New Limb on Facebook, The New Limb on Twitter, The New Limb on YouTube, The New Limb on Tumblr, The New Limb on Vimeo, The New Limb on Bandcamp, The New Limb on Soundcloud

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“Listening” by Western Scene

Western Scene describe themselves as “two hombres who met at a cactus and cut it down for some tacos.” But it wasn’t that simple. Jason Burkhart met Tom Pritchard when he was in a San Diego band called Dynamite Walls and soon after became their manager. When that band broke up, Burkhart and Pritchard built a studio in Echo Park and began creating music together. With a foundation in indie rock, the man-duo delivers a sound that has the uncanny ability to strike heavy yet quickly sweep away with melodic soars.

Western Scene is currently working on their debut album with producer Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead, Primal Scream) which will include performances by John Hischke and Dan Elkan from Broken Bells. It should be released early next year, but for now here’s the leaked track “Listening”:

Western Scene will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young ManThe New Limb, and The Shade. And it’s FREE!

Western Scene’s Official Site,  Western Scene on Facebook, Western Scene on TwitterWestern Scene on YouTubeWestern Scene on Soundcloud

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“Too Tired” by The Shade

Echo Park’s The Shade like to describe themselves as “some guys who make songs to sing or party to.” Or something like that. Their modest mission statement serves them well as they whip out pogo pop rock that sometimes edges close to pioneer pop punk. Their debut EP, Spirit, was written acoustically in vocalist/guitarist Stephen Zuniga’s trailer and released this past March. It alternates lead vocalists (Josh Adachi and Zuniga) from song to song. Currently working with producer Stephen Schroeder, they hope to have their second album out by early next year. But for now you can enjoy “Too Tired”:

The Shade will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young Man, The New Limb, and Western Scene. And it’s FREE!

The Shade on Facebook, The Shade on Twitter, The Shade on YouTube, The Shade on Bandcamp, The Shade on Soundcloud

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Hello Echo, Herculion, & Burning Jet Black’s Short Horror Film

What happens when a bunch of Santa Monica bands invade Silver Lake for a concert before Halloween? They make a short horror film!

Hello Echo, Herculion, and Burning Jet Black will perform at the El Cid this Saturday, October 27th, and to give you an idea of how much fun the show will be, check out the horror B-movie homage the bands made to promote the show:

I always thought that Hello Echo‘s frontman Sean Aylward resembled the comedy actor Seth Rogen in appearance and mannerisms and this video only reinforces that. Shot at Hello Echo and Herculion‘s shared rehearsal space at Downtown Rehearsal, the plot proves believable since being bit by infected bums is probably a normal occurrence while loading in gear late at night. See you Saturday… if you dare!

Hello Echo’s Official Site, Herculion’s Official Site, Burning Jet Black’s Official Site

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“Into The Storm” Music Video by Swan (Premiere)

Jacqueline Caruso is one-half of the Highland Park-based dreamy electro-pop act Thurlow, but now she’s ready to reveal a new side. As Swan, Caruso creates hush pop with only a piano and her voice that is as soft and whimsical as a floating feather. Swan‘s self-titled debut album was released today by Gazelle Recordings:

Free Bike Valet is proud to premiere the music video for Swan‘s first single “Into The Storm” which was shot in the Altadena wilderness by the ever reliable Leslie Andrew Ridings of Black Noise Industries. With a warm filter and various camera tricks, he captures Caruso visiting an intermittent creek as she attempts to cleanse her pristine body:

Swan‘s record release also marks the announcement of the Little Tokyo-based record label and artist collective Gazelle Recordings. Their roster includes Swan, Zapatra, and Historian. Here is their mission statement:

“We are a collective of artists in the LA area who focus on documenting art by way of music, film, photography, and other inspirations. We are not only a record label, but a collaborative effort comprised of friends who share a passion for their respective art forms. Our artists are multifaceted and often wear many hats when sharing responsibilities in the operational aspects of the label. We are a brand that values quality and simplicity; a quaint boutique of artisans dedicated to enlightening the world with its vision.”

Swan will perform tonight for their record release show at Human Resources along w/ Historian, Zaptra, and HOTT MT.

Swan on Facebook, Swan on Bandcamp, Swan on Soundcloud

Gazelle Night Flier

Gazelle Recordings’ Official Site, Gazelle Recordings on Facebook, Gazelle Recordings on TwitterGazelle Recordings on Vimeo, Gazelle Recordings on YouTube

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“Avalanches” Music Video by A Fine Frenzy

Like any true artist, Alison Sudol (aka A Fine Frenzy) is not confined to one medium. After being inspired by a trip to NorCal’s redwood forests, the Echo Park poptress decided  she wanted to tell a fable of “a lone tree left behind after the destruction of its surrounding forest –and the tree’s quest to find a new home and start anew.” The multi-medium story will be told through a packaged release of her third album Pines (Capitol Records), an accompanying book (written by Sudol and illustrated by Jen Lobo) and a short film (directed by Musa Brooker) both titled The Story of Pines. You can purchase the whole package here.

She also recently released a music video for her new album’s first single “Avalanches.” The epic video was directed by Lauri Faggioni and shot in the Great White North that is Whistler, Canada. It’s almost an homage to Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” as the icy imagery turns Sudol’s red hair into stunning hight-lights as she wanders unperturbed amongst wild wolves. The sequence is just as serene and rapturing as the music:

A Fine Frenzy’s Official Website, A Fine Frenzy on Facebook, A Fine Frenzy on TwitterA Fine Frenzy on YouTube

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“Never Hate Again” Music Video by HOTT MT (feat. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips)

Highland Park’s HOTT MT (acronym for Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve) is a flamboyant trio that loves to make dreamy electro-pop. As if plucked from a drawing by their neighborhood’s beloved artist Megan Whitmarsh, they come off as part performance troupe by using exuberant colors and bizarre stage names (Queen Ashi Dala, Spooky Tavi, Bahd Bad) –a sign of pure artistic spunk. We may never know how they managed to kidnap Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips for their 7″ single “Never Hate Again” (Origami Records) and its respective music video (shot at The Womb Gallery in Oklahoma City by DELO Creative), but judging by the looks of it, Coyne certainly does not mind:

HOTT MT will be peforming at Swan‘s record release show tomorrow night at Human Resources along with Zaptra and Historian.

Hott MT’s Official Site, Hott MT on Facebook, Hott MT on Twitter, Hott MT on Tumblr, Hott MT on Bandcamp, Origami Records, Burger Records

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“Mellow Sundown” by Zaptra

Zaptra (a.k.a. Art Paz) makes glitch-based electronica sans vocals. The music varies from ambient to break-beat as Zaptra claims he uses an “organic process of collecting sounds from computer-generated soundscapes into rhythmic beat-based guitar.” In other words, his recording process and live performances don’t only include a laptop. As part of the Gazelle Recordings art collective, Zaptra is from Highland Park and is currently working on another EP, but here’s the title track from his last release Mellow Sundown:

Zaptra will be peforming at Swan‘s record release show tomorrow night at Human Resources along with Hott MT and Historian.

Gazelle Night Flier

Zaptra’s Official SiteZaptra on FacebookZaptra on TwitterZaptra on BandcampZaptra on Soundcloud

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“Peering Out” by Bird By Snow

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHFletcher Tucker is an accomplished producer for acts such as Daniel Higgs and Little Wings and also labelhead for Gnome Life Records. But when the sunlight turns to twilight and the mist sets in around his Big Sur studio, he becomes Bird By Snow and creates his own sound that inhales the surrounding aura and breathes back subtle folk of pure tranquility. He also composes “weirder” music under the moniker Yurt, but that’s another campfire story.

Listen to the obvious ambience of “Peering Out” off his recently released fifth album Offering (Gnome Life Records):

Bird By Snow’s Official Site, Bird By Snow on Facebook, Bird By Snow on Bandcamp, Bird By Snow on Soundcloud

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