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“Get Me Golden” Music Video by Terraplane Sun

1348874377TerraplaneSunFriendsEPShootSelectsVersions0371_lowTerraplane Sun produced a music video for their first single “Get Me Golden” off their latest Friends EP. Directed by their fellow Venice Beach resident Hso Hkam, the video revolves around an encounter with a gang of Mexican puppets that are the only patrons for one of the band’s residency shows at The Satellite last July. At first the marionettes are malevolent, but soon the music’s psych-blues grooves win them over:

Terraplane Sun will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with RacesJeffertitti’s NileKissesThe Dustbowl RevivalZak WatersGavinMystery SkullsHOTT MTThe Diamond Light, and many many more…


Terraplane Sun’s Official SiteTerraplane Sun on FacebookTerraplane Sun on TwitterTerraplane Sun on BandcampTerraplane Sun on Soundcloud

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“Downside” Music Video by Jeffertitti’s Nile

mic1Jeffertitti’s Nile‘s biography claims that the band has “taken on many formations, opening portals to infinite dimensions that rise & melt again, making space ways new sounds.” Keeping the trips true to psychedelia, the Topanga Canyon trio is as much as an art collective as a band –or refuses to see the difference. Their music will either groove or thump but always emitting from the core is a provocation to feel and experience the unknown. Director Johnny Maroney could not have created a more appropriately thematic music video for their new single “Downside”:

Jeffertitti’s Nile will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with RacesKissesThe Dustbowl RevivalZak WatersGavinTerraplane SunMystery SkullsHOTT MTThe Diamond Light, and many many more…


Jeffertitti’s Nile’s Official Site, Jeffertitti’s Nile on FacebookJeffertitti’s Nile on TwitterJeffertitti’s Nile YouTubeJeffertitti’s Nile on TumblrJeffertitti’s Nile on Bandcamp

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“Big Broom” Music Video by Races

races1Races is a co-ed sextet of mid-twenty-somethings from the suburb of Van Nuys. Formed by frontman Wade Ryff, the band makes sentimental rock that carries either a deep sense of foreboding or psychedelic optimism –and this mostly depends on the level of song participation by backup vocalist Devon Lee. Their debut LP, Year Of The Witch (Frenchkiss), is like a long drive at night by yourself: spooky at times, but serene once calmed down. Their first single “Big Broom” has a music video which was directed by Edward Chase Masterson. Who knew that ballons could be so overwhelming?

Races will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with KissesThe Dustbowl RevivalZak WatersGavinTerraplane SunMystery SkullsHOTT MTThe Diamond Light, and many many more…


Races’s Official Site, Races on Facebook, Races on Twitter, Races on Bandcamp

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“The Hardest Part” by Kisses

kissesstillshotKisses‘s latest press release claims that their second album, Kids In LA (Cascine), “is a departure from the luminosity of their first album, focusing instead on the starker wintertime in Southern California.” And while their first single “The Hardest Part” does conjure a more June Gloom vibe, it’s not that dark. The Eagle Rock co-ed duo still produced a blatant pop track with digi-beats infectious enough to dance to. But it is true that SoCal isn’t always sunny, and the song’s musical/lyrical angle easily draws parallels to a Bret Easton Ellis novel: set in the ’80s with rich kids discovering sex and drugs:

And here’s the album’s teaser trailer which was filmed and edited by David Morrison:

Kisses will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with The Dustbowl Revival, Zak Waters, Gavin, Terraplane Sun, Mystery Skulls, HOTT MT, The Diamond Light, and many many more…


Kisses’ Official Site, Kisses on Facebook, Kisses on Twitter, Kisses on Bandcamp

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“Buried In The Murder” Live Video by The Lonely Wild

TLW_SP_MediumEcho Park‘s The Lonely Wild won’t release their debut full length album The Sun As It Comes (Ursa Major Recordings) until April 2nd, so to quell the anticipation they released a live video of the first single “Buried In The Murder.” Shot at their local venue The Echo, the video captures the song’s macabre intensity with group chorus wails and frontman Andrew Carroll’s sing-shriek crescendo. His sweaty neck veins almost pop and a chill fills the air when he bellows:

“When I talk like a liar,
When I’ve sold all my dreams,
When I stand tall, like a monument,
That’s when you know that I’ll never wash clean.”

The Lonely Wild will perform at The Central this Saturday night along with Big Tree, Maria Del Pilar, and Salt Petal.

The Lonely Wild’s Official Site, The Lonely Wild on Facebook, The Lonely Wild on Twitter, The Lonely Wild on YouTube, The Lonely Wild on Bandcamp, The Lonely Wild on Soundcloud


“You Were Young” Music Video by The Dead Ships

251710_463784900329001_1261632168_nEcho Park‘s favorite garage blues trio The Dead Ships released a music video for their whimsy single “You Were Young.” The video follows a girl with a pixie-cut through a day of wave splashing, hitchhiking, hill rolling, and party crashing. Superbly capturing the song’s theme of sweet young innocence, it reminds us of a time we all miss: when the ultimate goal of a warm Summer day was to keep having fun until the sun went down. Directed by Kelly Reed, the video was shot at El Matador Beach, Weho, and Culver City. We asked Reed how she gave the footage its look and she replied:

“It was shot on a 7D and we had a lot of fun doing lens whacking, which is where we got a lot of those light leaks and lens flares. We tried to do as many in camera effects as we could. Even most of the VCR tracking effects were done by running it through an actual VCR and pressing on the tape at different points to make it stutter.”

The Dead Ships will perform this Friday at The Central along with Holy Fever, Owl Fly South, and The Mercy Beat.


The Dead Ships’ Official SiteThe Dead Ships on FacebookThe Dead Ships on Twitter, The Dead Ships on YouTube, The Dead Ships on TumblrThe Dead Ships on BandcampThe Dead Ships on Soundcloud

“Let It Roll” by The Plastic Arts

01Armed with an acoustic guitar and a sincere soft voice, Berkeley denizen Kyle Terrizzi performs under the moniker The Plastic Arts. His debut album, Academy Clonez, is a consistent collection of songs that carry the natural ability to cut straight to the heart. And just like Glen Phillips before him, it’s his earnest delivery that arrests your attention. Highlighting this uncanny ability is the song “Let It Roll”:

The Plastic Arts will perform at WitZend this Thursday, February 21st.

The Plastic Arts’ Official Site, The Plastic Arts on Facebook, The Plastic Arts on TwitterThe Plastic Arts on YouTube, The Plastic Arts on Tumblr, The Plastic Arts on BandcampThe Plastic Arts on Soundcloud

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“Augury” Music Video by Big Tree

Big_Tree_PhotoByDiDesmond copyCalifornia isn’t all sand. Far up north, where the beaches are covered with rocks, live the largest trees in the world. So maybe this where the Berkeley-based pop folk act named Big Tree found the inspiration for their moniker. Fronted by two harmonizing female vocalists, the band’s sound can be as tranquil as a smooth ocean breeze or as enveloping as a heavy tidal wave. “Augury” is the single off their last full-length album This New Year, and its music video (directed by Michael Mizono) superbly captures their essence: a shoreline exploration filled with psychedelia and mysticism:

Big Tree will perform at The Central this Saturday along with The Lonely Wild, Salt Petal, and Maria Del Pilar.

Big Tree’s Official Site, Big Tree on Facebook, Big Tree on Twitter, Big Tree on YouTube, Big Tree on Tumblr, Big Tree on BandcampBig Tree on Soundcloud

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“Won’t See Me” Music Video By Dark Furs

Dark Furs_012Dark Furs is British vocalist Suzanne May and SoCal guitarist Chad Philipps. Based in Echo Park, the coed duo’s indie rock is unapologetically deep as if coming from a heavy soul and tone that naturally drowns your mood with mused emotions. They recruited a drummer (Garrett Henritz) and a producer (Dan Long) for their self-titled debut EP. And their first single “Won’t See Me” was turned into a music video by directors CW & Kube which follows May in random desolate Downtown locations (artist lofts, railroad tracks, viaducts, and a skating rink). It superbly taps into the vein of the song: wandering late at night with alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food as your only companions, too bored to go home just yet, but too scared not to…

Dark Furs will perform with Uuvvwwz and Town In The City at The Central on February 18th.

Dark Furs’s Official Site, Dark Furs on Facebook, Dark Furs on Twitter, Dark Furs on InstagramDark Furs on YouTube, Dark Furs on Tumblr, Dark Furs on Bandcamp, Dark Furs on Soundcloud

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“Stood Me Up” by Dwntwn

1K3A9426As if streamed from a cyborg’s happy daydream, DWNTWN‘s digi-pop is airy and futuristic. Gentle beats and smooth synth layers are washed over by Jamie Leffler’s breathy vocals –but sometimes the tempo is cranked. Overall, the Hollywood trio delivers an ethereal trip that’ll evoke a few spontaneous dance fits. Their latest EP is entitled The Red Room and features the single “Stood Me Up”:

DWNTWN will perform with Jhameel, Y LUV, and Penguin Prison at The Central on February 14th.


DWNTWN’s Official Site, DWNTWN on Facebook, DWNTWN on Twitter, DWNTWN on YouTubeDWTWN on Soundcloud

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