“Downside” Music Video by Jeffertitti’s Nile

mic1Jeffertitti’s Nile‘s biography claims that the band has “taken on many formations, opening portals to infinite dimensions that rise & melt again, making space ways new sounds.” Keeping the trips true to psychedelia, the Topanga Canyon trio is as much as an art collective as a band –or refuses to see the difference. Their music will either groove or thump but always emitting from the core is a provocation to feel and experience the unknown. Director Johnny Maroney could not have created a more appropriately thematic music video for their new single “Downside”:

Jeffertitti’s Nile will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with RacesKissesThe Dustbowl RevivalZak WatersGavinTerraplane SunMystery SkullsHOTT MTThe Diamond Light, and many many more…


Jeffertitti’s Nile’s Official Site, Jeffertitti’s Nile on FacebookJeffertitti’s Nile on TwitterJeffertitti’s Nile YouTubeJeffertitti’s Nile on TumblrJeffertitti’s Nile on Bandcamp

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One thought on ““Downside” Music Video by Jeffertitti’s Nile

  1. […] Swahili Blonde and The Like). She recruited more scene veterans (members of The Black Apples, Jeffertiti’s Nile, etc.) to form the band and the collaboration spawned “mesmerizing live tribal seances, […]

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