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“Slow Down” Music Video by Poolside

screen-shot-2012-07-20-at-11-38-57-amOnly in SoCal could a band like Poolside form. Based out of a studio in Los Feliz, the duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise make what they call “daytime disco” by mixing slow beats with lax vocals. Their songs are caught between bopping down the strand in roller skates and laying in the sand while the tide rises. Either way, it’s warm, fun, and engulfing. Nikolic plays bass for Ima Robot and Paradise used to be in San Diego’s The Calculators with members of The Rapture, but now they’re the go-to-act for a laid-back dancefest. The music video for their second single “Slow Down” was directed by Shahana Khan and is a visual showcase for the band’s appropriate moniker:

Poolside will perform this Saturday, March 30th for All Bands On Deck! at the Santa Monica Pier along with YACHTKissesThem JeansGuns In The Sun, and DJ Mario Cotto. And yes, there will be actual free bike valet at this event.

All Bands On Deck Poolside

Poolside’s Official Site, Poolside on Facebook, Poolside on Twitter, Poolside on YouTube, Poolside on Tumblr, Poolside on Soundcloud

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“Kangaroo Court” by Capital Cities

3505792110-1A lot has happened for Capital Cities in the past half-year. The electro-pop duo is now signed to Capitol Records and their single “Safe And Sound” from their self-titled debut EP (Capitol/Lazy Hooks) is receiving West Coast radio play. With their upcoming national tour (dubbed the “Dancing With Strangers Tour”) these hairy dudes are ditching their Burbank studio and turning venues into dance floors. Here’s their second single, “Kangaroo Court,” which mimics a vintage video game score interrupted by horn blasts:

And here’s footage of Capital Cities preparing for their tour along with a message: “Concerts are not much fun if you don’t have tickets for them.” Very true.

Capital Cities will perform tonight with Gold Fields for the Pandora sponsored College Basketball Fan Fest at L.A. Live. The event is FREE, but you must RSVP in order to attend.

Fan Fest Flyer JPG

Capital Cities’ Official SiteCapital Cities on FacebookCapital Cities on TwitterCapital Cities on YouTubeCapital Cities on Bandcamp, Capital Cities on Soundcloud

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“Second Summer” Music Video by Yacht

2011_YACHT-2Some things are just meant to be admired from afar or embraced without question, because trying to understand YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) is like trying to hit on someone who doesn’t speak your own language: you can try, but it might be frustrating. The Silver Lake-based co-ed duo Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans are performance artists as much as musicians and express their electric taste through all mediums such as print, video, art, and fashion.

But really, they just want to make you dance. As if DJs trying to be in a band, their digital beats are lacquered with occasional instruments, sing-talk vocals, and a pop edge that can’t be ignored. Recently, they teamed up with ADHD to create an animated music video for their latest single “Second Summer” (DFA Records) and according to Bechtolt via their press release it features…

“…the ultimate manifestation of our spirit animal, the Smiangle, morphing from an impersonal signifier of mystical subtext into something completely alive, surreal, and psychotropic.”

See what we mean?

YACHT will perform this Saturday, March 30th for All Bands On Deck! at the Santa Monica Pier along with Poolside, Kisses, Them Jeans, Guns In The Sun, and DJ Mario Cotto. And yes, there will be actual free bike valet at this event.

All Bands On Deck Poolside

YACHT’s Official SiteYACHT on FacebookYACHT on TwitterYACHT on YouTubeYACHT on Vimeo

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“Spiders” Music Video by Night Riots

Night Riots PromoNight Riots is a revamped rock act (formerly known as PK) from the Central Coast town of San Luis Obispo. Their debut single “Spiders” hints at their new appropriate moniker as it carries a deep hum of gloom like a staggering coastal fog. It’s only when Travis Hawley’s vocals start to soar that the track begins to lift. And when it does, it shines. The song’s music video was directed by Peej Phillips and is a black and white montage of a pretty girl lip syncing interrupted by shots of time lapsed clouds, an increasing number counter, and vintage footage among other things:

Night Riots will perform at The Central this Friday, March 29th along with Rubberneck Lions, Bad Suns, and Levels.


Night Riots’ Official Site, Night Riots on Facebook, Night Riots on Twitter, Night Riots on YouTube, Night Riots on Soundcloud

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“Fuck The Clock” Music Video By The Diamond Light

554696_10150850262539565_651429965_nIt was only a month ago that The Diamond Light released a music video for “Strong Wind South,” but the soul rock boys have been busy at their Laurel Canyon practice space and decided to shoot another one for their new single “Fuck The Clock.” Not featured on their latest self-titled debut LP, the song returns the band to form with deep dirty grooves while the black and white video cuts between bizarre imagery, lyric cue cards, and animosity for time telling mechanical machines:

The Diamond Light will perform at The Central this Tuesday, March 26th along with TheBlack&TheWhiteRainbow Jackson, and Kid Cadaver.


The Diamond Light on FacebookThe Diamond Light on TwitterThe Diamond Light on BandcampThe Diamond Light on Soundcloud

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“Skinny Love” Live Video by Sunday Lane & Max Helmerich (Cover)

SundayLaneSanta Monica‘s Sunday Lane is a petite piano poptress whose songs evoke a good morning: bright, refreshed, and full of optimism. But one evening at her parent’s empty rural house in Tulsa, she collaborated with her brother Max Helmerich on covering one of Bon Iver‘s most beloved songs: “Skinny Love.” Director Nathan Presley floats around the room unnoticed like a ghost and captures the singers’ intimate duet. Perhaps this is how Justin Vernon truly meant for this song to be played: as an open confession sung between a man and a woman.

Sunday Lane‘s debut full length album is From Where You Are.

Sunday Lane album_1

She will be performing at Hotel Cafe this Sunday along with Fauntella Crow.


Sunday Lane’s Official Site, Sunday Lane on Facebook, Sunday Lane on Twitter, Sunday Lane on YouTube

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“I Slept With All Your Mothers” Music Video by Harriet

CROSS PROCESSHarriet is the new project by Hancock Park‘s Alex Casnoff (former keyboard player for Dawes and Papa). No longer constrained to playing other people’s songs, Casnoff’s inner songwriter sprung free and the result is Americana power-pop rock that is either lulled or driven by his keys. According to their bio, the band’s debut EP Tell The Right Story is “filled with murder ballads, dreams, and memories about messed up people pushing forward no matter what” –sounds like a modern take on Manifest Destiny via the highways.

Tell The Right Story_Album Art

And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear sprinkles of electronica mixed with the whispers of Kerouac‘s ghost. Their first single “I’ve Slept With All Your Mothers,” is a pop gem that Jack’s Mannequin would have written if they hadn’t of chewed so much bubblegum. The accompanying music video was directed by Ethan Berger and will spur your curiosity on the effects of absinthe:

Harriet is currently working on their debut full length album that is due this summer. They will perform their last March residency show at The Echo this Monday along with Low Cut Connie, Wardell, and Jenny O.


Harriet’s Official Site, Harriet on Facebook, Harriet on Twitter, Harriet on VimeoHarriet on Tumblr, Harriet on Soundcloud

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“Too Fast Too Close” Music Video by The Lexingtons

5Echo Park‘s The Lexingtons claim in their bio that their music’s core theme is “a warning about the perils of triumphing over heartache.” And they express this by wearing loose suits, jangling guitar rhythms, emptying whiskey bottles, and refusing to use a bass player. They recently finished recording their second EP with producer Mitch Kordonowy which will probably deliver more soul infused melody rock that flirts as an ode to Motown. Immortal Voices created a music video for their single “Too Fast Too Close” that successfully captures the band’s taste for nostalgia by being entirely shot in black and white:

Free Bike Valet and Moheak Radio are co-presenting The Ross Sea Party‘s next March residency show at Harvard & Stone this Tuesday along with Kid Cadaver, The Lexingtonsand John Graney (from The Californian).


The Lexingtons on Facebook, The Lexingtons on TwitterThe Lexingtons on TumblrThe Lexingtons on BandcampThe Lexingtons on Soundcloud

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“I Was There” by Kid Cadaver

KC8A8339Kid Cadaver has been busy. With their dance-pop melodies and indie-rock alacrity, The Valley guys have managed to impress every band they’ve shared the stage with. This has led to more coveted opening spots, more exposure, and a little bit closer to their inevitable breakthrough. Listen to the track “I Was There” off their debut EP New Modern and embrace the grooves:

Free Bike Valet and Moheak Radio are co-presenting The Ross Sea Party‘s next March residency show at Harvard & Stone this Tuesday along with Kid Cadaver, The Lexingtons and John Graney (from The Californian).


Kid Cadaver on FacebookKid Cadaver on TwitterKid Cadaver on TumblrKid Cadaver on Bandcamp

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“In Cairo” by The Ross Sea Party

RSP_Noho_06Silver Lake‘s The Ross Sea Party have been busy promoting their stellar debut LP Hotel Pool. The album’s second single “In Cairo” is a riveting jive with an engaging glockenspiel intro that is a signature sound to the album (thanks to keyboardist Jacquelyn Thropay):

We asked frontman Brady Erickson for the story behind the song and he replied:

“It’s about the way that music, dancing, and body language transcend spoken language. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and people often ask, ‘How do you deal with the language barrier?’ It’s funny though; even way out there in Turkmenistan or Syria where there’s not much English to be found, communication is always incredibly easy. Without the conventions of language sometimes you even forge a connection with people that’s more immediate and intuitive. I however, have never been to Cairo. Because of that, I think there’s a certain romance to it that actually made it easier to write about. Plus it’s a subtle nod to The Cure, one of my all time favorites.”

And to prove their evoking show performances, here’s a live video of the song filmed at the Echo Country Outpost by Sarah Fuller:

Free Bike Valet and Moheak Radio are co-presenting The Ross Sea Party‘s next March residency show at Harvard & Stone this Tuesday along with Kid Cadaver, The Lexingtons and John Graney (from The Californian).


And here’s the promo video for the residency. Apparently, The Ross Sea Party can change the weather:

The Ross Sea Party’s Official SiteThe Ross Sea Party on FacebookThe Ross Sea Party on TwitterThe Ross Sea Party on Bandcamp

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