“Melt In The Sun” Music Video by Camcorder

fisheye 1bDuring the summer of 2012, four dudes decided to form a band in an unventilated lock-out rehearsal space in Noho. After many sweat drips and fresh air breaks, they dubbed themselves Camcorder and wrote shoegaze-styled upbeat indie rock that they must have admired when they were younger. Their debut EP, Summer Kills, is a spacial, echoey, pop driven ode that lures with smoothing melodics then beckons to be cranked. Director Ben Pluimer recently created an enticing music video for their first single “Melt In The Sun.” Shot in the Arts District, it follows a lonely beautiful blonde (Caroline Macey) trying to fight boredom by smoking/crafting in her apartment or walking around the neighborhood and making out with strangers. But Pluimer told us the true meaning:

“At its core, it’s about a young artist not knowing who she is or what she wants.  Anyone who tries to create knows that it’s not always a healthy process.  I wanted the video to be something dreamy and sexy, but also a little dark. I wanted it to feel rough and raw with some beautiful moments in between.”

Camcorder on Facebook, Camcorder on Bandcamp, Camcorder on Soundcloud

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One thought on ““Melt In The Sun” Music Video by Camcorder

  1. […] Camcorder has been busy in their Noho lock-out. Today they release their follow-up EP, Presence, which continues the band’s ode to mid-’90s indie rock via sonic pop and spacial shoegaze. Edward Cerecedes (of The Lonely Wild) and producer Frankie Siragusa (Kid Cadaver) engineered/mixed the songs and helped refine their soundscape as showcased on “Charming Hunter” –which like its album brethren builds to an encompassing wall-of-sound soar: […]

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