“Future” by the black and the white

IMG_4928_edit_step2_b_onlineFormer As Tall As Lions members Julio Tavarez (vocals/guitar) and Cliff Sarcona (drums) are now the black and the white. Practicing out of Silver Lake, the duo has been busy with producer Justin Kaupp on recording their debut EP to be released this spring. In the band’s bio, Tavarez says:

“I love music that physically moves me, music that makes me want to get out of my chair.”

And with this new project, he’ll certainly succeed. So far, the band has leaked the single “Future” which can’t decide if it’s mostly electro-rock or dance pop –but it nails both with an infectious chorus:

“I don’t want to live in the future,
I don’t want to live in decline,
I just want to live forever,
and leave it all behind.”

All this time, Tavarez has just wanted to make people move… and now he will:

And here’s a teaser montage video created by Meritime in case you need visuals to help you dance:

Free Bike Valet is presenting the black and the white‘s second residency show at The Central this Tuesday, March 12th. Also performing is Kid Cadaver, The Mercy Beat, and M.O.O.N. Come out, it’s free!


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