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“East Coast Girl” by Cayucas

cayucas7This year, SoCal’s summer season won’t begin with Memorial Day weekend. It’ll start premature due to today’s release of Cayucas‘ debut album Bigfoot.


Produced by Richard Swift (The ShinsDamien JuradoThe Mynabirds) and released by Secretly Canadian, the album features eight tracks of coastal-inspired buoyant pop rock. Band founder Zach Yudin’s delivers his signature echoey vocals on every song that either conjures a beach bonfire or a crashing wave. Their latest single, “East Coast Girl,” talks about a cute gal with ties to the obviously more boring side of the country:

Cayucas will perform tonight at Origami Vinyl for their album release party. And it’s free!

Cayucas’ Official SiteCayucas on FacebookCayucas on TwitterCayucas on Instagram

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“Two Colours” Music Video By Legs

LegsHorizWest Oakland‘s Legs formed after Jeffrey Harland and Matt Bullimore met while exchanging Weezer bootlegs in a grocery store parking lot in early 2000. Over a decade and three additional band members later, the band is finally releasing their debut LP Pass The Ringo via local label Loglady Records.


The album is a hazy homage to jangle pop as evident by the music video for their first single “Two Colours.” Directed by Harland, the slow motion video focuses on co-vocalist Amelia Adams caught in a psychedelic daydream with smoke, confetti, and her bandmate’s performing ghosts:

Legs is currently on tour.


Legs on Facebook, Legs on Tumblr

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“Waves” Music Video by Blondfire

231Eagle Rock‘s Blondfire created a music video for their second single “Waves” off their latest EP Where The Kids Are (Modern Art/Warner Bros. Records). Directed by the folkster Gus Black, the video follows vocalist/guitarist Erica Driscoll wandering around barefoot in the Death Valley desert –a bucket-list music video setting for every California band. What’s noticeable is the absence of the other half of the band (Erica’s brother Bruce Driscoll). But perhaps he was busy with his other project Freedom Fry.

Blondfire is now on tour with Foals and Surfer Blood.

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“Side Of The Road” Music Video by Big Black Delta

BIG-BLACK-DELTA-211633-PLS-CREDIT-JAMES-MORIARTYMellowdrone‘s band founder Jonathan Bates put the group on hiatus, bought a used laptop from Alessandro Cortini (of Nine Inch Nails and SONOIO), and created a solo project called Big Black Delta. The Highland Park denizen’s latest single, “Side Of The Road,” sounds like the Knight Rider theme song distorted into a pop lullaby high on love. Heavy with digi-beats and deep synths, the track still carries Bates’ usual dark edge but he’s able to lighten it with his mechanically enhanced melodic voice. The accompanying music video was directed by Warren Kommers and is probably based on Bates’ favorite dream where he is trapped in the movie Tron:

Big Black Delta‘s new self-titled album will be released on April 29th via Masters Of Bates and features appearances from Cortini as well as Morgan Kibby (of M83 and White Sea).

Album Art

Their album release show will be on April 29th for KCRW‘s and MFG‘s School Night at Bardot.


Big Black Delta’s Official Site, Big Black Delta on Facebook, Big Black Delta on Twitter, Big Black Delta on YouTube, Big Black Delta on VimeoBig Black Delta on TumblrBig Black Delta on Soundcloud

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“High School Lover” Music Video by Cayucas

cayucas6Santa Monica‘s Cayucas released a music video for their single “High School Lover.” Directed by Cameron Dutra, the video shows the beach bum band performing inside a brick building decorated like a bungalow. Band founder Zach Yudin glitches with spurts of colorful animated graphics as if he’s a piñata having a seizure. And of course, an adolescent romance is told. In the press release, Dutra said:

“‘High School Lover’ is about a girl who would write Zach love letters, yet he would never respond despite actually liking her back. I tried to abstract the idea of a high school girl’s notebook with doodles and sketches into stop motion graphics and titles. Overall we wanted to keep the vibe light-hearted, fun, and creative just like the music.”

Cayucas‘ debut album Bigfoot was produced by Richard Swift (The ShinsDamien JuradoThe Mynabirds) and will be released on April 30th via Secretly Canadian Records.


Cayucas will next perform at Origami Vinyl on April 30th for their album release party. And it’s free!

Cayucas’ Official SiteCayucas on FacebookCayucas on Twitter, Cayucas on Instagram

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“Kaleidoscope” by Oona

OONA-PRESSSHOT-MAXSome bands wear their influences on their sleeve and give a contemporary edge to a throwback sound, but OONA‘s new direction with their third EP, Flying At The Sun, uses retro synths and drum beats in such an unapologetic way it’s as if they’re replicating a dance-fest playlist from a skating rink in the ’80s. All that’s missing is the excess hairspray. Vocalist/keyboardist Oona Garthwaite and drummer Dave Tweedie originally met in Oakland, but now they pump out superb dreamy pop from their Noho studio. Here’s the new EP’s  infectiously catchy first single “Kaleidoscope”:

And here’s the track performed live at their studio:

OONA will next perform at Detroit Bar with This Time With Feeling on May 27th.

OONA Official SiteOONA on FacebookOONA on TwitterOONA on YouTubeOONA on InstagramOONA on Bandcamp

“Simpler” Music Video by Raheem Cohen

Raheem Cohen - Group (Crop) ©KiinoVillandSilver Lake‘s Raheem Cohen are pop rock at heart but their songs are always petted down with smooth soul vocals only to be ruffled back up with spurts of funk tempo. Maybe it’s their spry energy, optimistic outlook, or lack of interest to copycat that makes these three brothers (and two friends) create a naturally hip and organic sound. The music video for their single “Simpler” (directed by Kiino Villand and featuring pro skater Paulo Diaz) showcases their leisure life: city park goofing, soccer ball juggling, and of course playing at the studio.

Free Bike Valet and The Burning Ear are co-presenting Raheem Cohen‘s next show at the Bootleg Bar this Monday, April 15th with Gavin and Free Food. And it’s free!


Raheem Cohen’s Official Site, Raheem Cohen on Facebook, Raheem Cohen on Twitter, Raheem Cohen on YouTube, Raheem Cohen on Instagram, Raheem Cohen on BandcampRaheem Cohen on Soundcloud

“Friends And Enemies” by Freedom Fry

FreedomFry3-CreditPamelaSeyrat_zps46710dc3When Bruce Driscoll isn’t busy playing electro-pop rock with his sister in Blondfire, he’s making chill-pop rock with the Parisian born Marie Seyrat as Freedom Fry. The Hancock Park-based coed duo met when Seyrat was the stylist for one of Blondfire‘s music videos. Now together, they create catchy tracks that are spruced up with digi-beats (a slightly more lax Blondfire) or placed over subtle strums (a slightly more upbeat The Shins). And both members contribute vocals with such a soft melodic sensibility that it seals their synchronicity.

Freedom Fry‘s third EP Friends And Enemies (Caveman Arts Society) was recently released and according to the press release “highlights their recent experimentation with writing bass-line driven, dark, minimal, organic, danceable songs.” Its first single is the title track “Friends And Enemies”:

And to coincide with the EP’s release, the band created two promo videos (shot in Paris) that feature a short film about zombie revenge (inspired by the lyrics of “Friends And Enemies”):

Free Bike Valet and The Burning Ear will present Freedom Fry‘s next show at The Central with DWNTWN and The Mercy Beat this Tuesday, April 16th.


Freedom Fry’s Official Site, Freedom Fry on Facebook, Freedom Fry on Twitter, Freedom Fry on InstagramFreedom Fry on Soundcloud

“Stood Me Up” Music Video by Dwntwn

IMG_6606DWNTWN‘s latest single “Stood Me Up” (off their EP The Red Room) is a cyborg’s daydream via digi-beats and smooth synth layers all washed over by Jamie Leffler’s breathy vocals. It’s an ethereal trip that deserves a visual companion. Director Jeremy Johnstone took his camera and the Hollywood trio around Venice Beach, Malibu, Pioneer Town, and Yucca Valley to film the music video. The result is a spontaneous road adventure filled with hitchhiking, tattooing, and desert town escapades:

Free Bike Valet and The Burning Ear co-present DWNTWN‘s next April residency night at The Central this Tuesday, April 16th with The Mercy Beat, Freedom Fry, and Hustle Roses. And it’s FREE!


DWNTWN’s Official SiteDWNTWN on FacebookDWNTWN on TwitterDWNTWN on YouTubeDWNTWN on Soundcloud

“Let Me Go” by Gavin Turek

Gavin Turek‘s dance driven anthems walk a fine line between pure party pop and eclectic electro edge. But it’s this flexible diversity that allows her to perform (always barefoot, wearing a flashy dress, and flipping her signature wild mane) at Hollywood clubs or Echo Park venues. This month, she landed a coveted residency at the Bootleg Bar in Historic Filipinotown. And to promote these shows she created a promo video set to the upbeat track “Let Me Go” over footage of live performances (including her November residency at The Central):

And here’s the entire track…

Turek is currently working on her debut album with Poet Name Life, Kool Kojack, and Electrolightz and continues to collaborate and perform with Tokimonsta, Com Truise, and Paper Diamond.

Free Bike Valet and The Burning Ear are proud to present Turek’s next residency night at the Bootleg Bar this Monday, April 15th with Raheem Cohen and Free Food. And it’s free!


Gavin Turek’s Official WebsiteGavin Turek on FacebookGavin Turek on TwitterGavin Turek on InstagramGavin Turek on TumblrGavin Turek on YouTubeGavin Turek on Soundcloud

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