“Haunting” By Hotel Cinema

jon_stars-hotel_cinema-h-11Culver City’s Hotel Cinema is one of those bands who likes to paint with their music. The coed duo’s songs (with whimsical titles such as “Rabbit Hole”) are covered with long beautiful strokes of crescendoing melody sprinkled with sudden splashes of electronic pop. Friends since college, Mark Hadley delivers elaborately orchestrated soundscapes over Keeley Bumford’s refined vocals. Their self-titled debut EP was recently released and features the sonically dynamic “Haunting”:

Hotel Cinema also recently shot a more stripped down version of “Fire Escape” with Look Sessions:

Hotel Cinema will next perform at The Echo on Wednesday, April 24th for Freedom Fry‘s EP release show along with HOLYCHILD and Burnt Shapes.

Echo Poster Final

Hotel Cinema’s Official Site, Hotel Cinema on Facebook, Hotel Cinema on Twitter, Hotel Cinema on YouTube, Hotel Cinema on Instagram, Hotel Cinema on Bandcamp, Hotel Cinema on Soundcloud

One thought on ““Haunting” By Hotel Cinema

  1. […] rock darlings Hotel Cinema return with a new EP entitled Exposition. A quick follow-up to their self-titled debut release, […]

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