“Where Were You” by the black and the white

_DSC0857-2Silver Lake‘s the black and the white (former As Tall As Lions members Julio Tavarez and Cliff Sarcona) released another single “Where Were You” from their forthcoming EP produced by Justin Kaupp. The track is a serenely grooving almost completely instrumental electro melody that mimics a beat-pad daydreaming about becoming a jazz instrument:

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2 thoughts on ““Where Were You” by the black and the white

  1. […] TheBlack&TheWhite just released another single, “Holiday,” off their debut Futures EP that was produced by Justin Kaupp. The song takes a slower pace compared to their previous leaks but hits hard with addictive digital beats and twitchy effects –and of course frontman Julio Tavarez’s smooth croon: […]

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