“Alan, I’m In Love” By Criminal Hygiene

IMG_6757According to Echo Park dive bar lore, Criminal Hygiene formed after guitarist Michael Fiore and bassist James Pratley Watson ate some burgers, got really drunk, and recorded some songs. The college student duo soon became a skate rat trio when mustachioed Sean “Bird Man” Erickson joined on drums and they’ve managed to spit out abrasive garage-pop rawk ever since. They’re almost self-titled debut album, CRMNL HYGNE LP (Small Smile Records), was released earlier this year and features seventeen curt tracks that would make any pioneer punk proud.


The album was also released on cassette today via Under The Gun Records. Check out their latest single “Alan, I’m In Love”:

Instead of gradually creating music videos for each consecutively released single, Criminal Hygiene boldly created an “album video” by assigning each track to a different director and giving them one week to shoot it. The short production timeframe was meant to mirror the same amount of time used to record the album. The result is a forty minute collection of seventeen music videos that includes half-naked girls in dinosaur costumes, drag queens, skateboarding, bathtub murder scenes, lonesome roads, and classic Skinemax footage:

Criminal Hygiene continues their May residency at The Bootleg tonight with The Phils, Beach Party, and Whippoorwill. And it’s free!


Criminal Hygiene’s Official SiteCriminal Hygiene on Facebook, Criminal Hygiene on Twitter, Criminal Hygiene on BandcampCriminal Hygiene on Soundcloud

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