“Somewhere We Can Be Alone” by The Pocket Rockets (Premiere)

_MG_5476 copy_1

Instead of trying to join an unfitting music scene in their East LA neighborhood, The Pocket Rockets created their own. Starting out in a Boyle Heights bedroom, the trio cut their teeth by playing backyard parties but now they’ve helped convert local hostels (MoonPad) and Arts District galleries (Art Share LA) into pop-up rock venues. And unlike the predominant beach-pop garage rock of the Echo Park bands to the west, they’ve managed to channel a moodier dance-punk vibe (No, Interpol) that must only be influenced if you see the sun set behind the downtown skyline.

The Pocket Rockets will release another EP on Sonata Cantata Records but for now you can enjoy the leaked single “Somewhere We Can Be Alone” that was mixed and mastered by Jon Siebels (formerly of Monsters Are Waiting, currently of Eve Six) at Clifton Studios:

The Pocket Rockets on FacebookThe Pocket Rockets on Twitter, The Pocket Rockets on Instagram, The Pocket Rockets on Bandcamp

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