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“Forget Me” Music Video by Summer Twins

summertwins_28Everything Summer Twins does is lacquered with adorability. The (not actually twin) sisters from Riverside have a penchant for nostalgia via vintage fashion and antiquated crafting and their latest music video for “Forget Me” shows both (à la typewriting in tights). See how director Joy Newell created a whitescape setting that superbly captures the quaint purity that Summer Twins‘ dream pop-rock always conveys:

Summer TwinsForget Me EP and 7″ came out this summer via Burger Records.

7 Inchcover

They will next perform at Harvard and Stone tomorrow night along with Sea Lions.


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“Road to High Sierra” Mini-Docu by Miner

7544458218_4dcc524340_bMiner performed at the sold-out 23rd annual High Sierra Music Festival in the NorCal town of Quincy and created a video documenting their travels over the five hundred plus miles across the great state of California to get there…

Free Bike Valet wanted more commentary on the video so we interviewed frontman Justin Miner:

What type of cameras did you use to shoot this video and who shot it?  

“We literally shot with anything that was handy —we used iPhones, flip-cams, and a still camera that also does some video. It was filmed collectively by whoever happened to be available and holding a camera, so in the end we just dumped all the footage from everyone into a folder and chopped it together.”

What is the song being played during the video?

“It is an instrumental version of a forthcoming track off the new record called ‘Last Night.'”

What was the itinerary for this trip and tour?

“This was a short trip based around the Fourth of July weekend, so we hit San Diego/Casbah, Sacramento/Harlow’s and the High Sierra Festival, where we ended up playing four shows in total. Then we came home and started our Bootleg Theater residency here in L.A. the next day.”

Was this your longest and biggest tour to date? What did you travel in? 

“Yeah, we’re still kind of in our infancy and most people still have jobs so I think this was the longest this band has been on the road at once. We’d obviously love to get on the road for a much much longer stretch in the future. For this trip we were in a very roomy and comfortable rented Sprinter van which made the trip a lot easier.”

Since Miner is a “family band” was this tour more like a family vacation? Did you take the scenic route and visit any landmarks? 

“Everyone in the van has known each other forever, so it’s a lot of laughing and fun wherever we go.  It’s also nice that we can comfortably sit in silence when necessary or listen to music together or whatever. We didn’t have a ton of time for sightseeing, but the road to High Sierra through the mountains was incredibly beautiful.”

Any mishaps or snafus along the way?

“Well, I think it was halfway along the drive on the first day that the air conditioning on the van broke down and it was over 100 degrees out so we had to get that working before we could continue.  And then at the end we also ended up with a leaking tire that thankfully still got us home, although the van had to be towed the next day.”

When is your next big trip/tour?

“We have a couple out of town dates in September and we’re currently booking another small run in October around our Visalia date that should be announced in the next week or so.  More to come for sure!”

Will you film that as well? 

“We made a conscious effort to film the Fourth of July trip, both because it was our first jaunt on the road and so we’d have something to remember it by. As we do longer trips, I’m sure we’ll end up with enough footage soon enough to whip something else up.”

Miner‘s soon to be released debut album was mixed by Dave Trumfio (WilcoTerraplane Sun) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Avi Buffalo).

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“Rounder” by Fever The Ghost

fevertheghostcorganalielightn2nd_0088 copyNot too long ago Fever The Ghost crashed the Echo Park scene and flummoxed all who were encountered. They play psychedelic pop rock that could have been plucked from a Cold War-era energy drink commercial and claim to be “under direct supervision from the Swell Swan corporation” (which sounds like a Dharma Initiative subsidiary but just might be their own record label). And they’re often accompanied by back up dancers –in gold bodysuits. But while they have your attention, don’t forget to enjoy the show and move.

Fever The Ghost‘s first 7″ was produced by Luther Russell via analog recording and includes the single “Rounder”:

And here’s a live video of the band’s third performance which includes “Rounder” and “Long Tall Stranger”:

Fever The Ghost will perform tonight at Kiev‘s last August residency show along with Warships and Among Savages at the Bootleg Bar. Come out! It’s free.


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“Living In Denial” by The Janks

TheJanksPhoto5You would think since The Janks are fronted by brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed that they would be called “The Zmeds.” But these folkish rockers are not the sort to be concerned with vanity. They’re four laid-back dudes who live in Tarzana and jam out with blues and harmony on their mind. They just released an EP entitled Meet The Janks (even though it’s their third release) and it’s chock-full of sweat and soul. This is open road music, so close your eyes, let the wind take your hair, and sing along to their first single “Living In Denial”:

The Janks‘ last show for their August residency at The Satellite is this Monday, August 26th along with The Diamond Light, Infantree, and Planets.


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“Sure Stuck” by Honeymooon

Honeymooon photoTogether, Aussie transplants Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant (both of Miami Horror) are Honeymooon. The two Echo Park-based producers decided to abandon their electronic past and instead create retro-fueled psychedelic pop –and this is all probably due to overexposure from the dreamy and colorful Californian sun. They’re currently working on a debut album, but for now you can enjoy their second single “Sure Stuck”:

And here’s the teaser for their upcoming music video directed by Dimitri Basil:

Honeymooon will perform tonight at The Echo along with Hunter Hunted and Basic Vacation for Popshop West 012 presented by Hit City U.S.A. and Neon Gold.


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“Some Place” Music Video by Nick Waterhouse

Nick139Huntington Beach native Nick Waterhouse is a nostalgic romantic. His music, his style, his charisma unapologetically exudes a desire to resurrect a time when musicians performed in crisp suits while the audience sipped gin and blew smoke. Calling Waterhouse a “throwback act” is an understatement. He’s a revivalist. His debut album Time’s All Gone was released last year by Innovative Leisure and delivered what he simply describes as “American music” but his devout fans might liken to vintage R&B.

hiresCOVER ART nick waterhouse

Here’s the music video for his single “Some Place” which was directed by Phil Pinto, produced by Urban Outfitters, and features Waterhouse entertaining a group of Asian businessman on a wild night out in Los Angeles:

Nick Waterhouse will perform with his backing band the Tarots tomorrow night at the Santa Monica Pier as part of the Twilight Concert Series.


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“Psycho Betty” Music Video by Rainbow Jackson

Rainbow Jackson 2787_1Echo Park‘s favorite psych-grit party-rockers Rainbow Jackson return with a music video for the first single off their forthcoming Perpetual Summer EP. Frontman Chad Carlisle commented on the song and video:

“The song ‘Psycho Betty’ is about anything that goes from something seemingly good or innocent to something twisted and evil in a swift change of events. It sounds like it’s about a girl, but it’s actually about a guitar. For the video concept we worked with our friends Cousin Video to make something a bit campy and weird without straying too far from the main idea of the song.”

The video also features Kat Pawlak of Sad Robot as the titular Betty, who also sings back up vocals on the track. Carlisle commented on his casting choice:

“We wanted someone to play Psycho Betty that is equally as badass as she is cute. Being the lead singer of Sad Robot and a rocker in her own right made Kat perfect for the part.”

Watch her crash a backyard kegger/concert and get snubbed –but she still ends up stealing the show:

With such a bizarre yet captivating music video, Free Bike Valet decided to interview the directing duo Cousin Video:

How did you two meet and begin collaborating on music videos?
“We began making music videos out of necessity.  Our band, Professor Possessor, was in need of music videos and so we decided to take a stab at it.”
How many music videos have you produced and for who?
“We have produced nine music videos: one for Rainbow Jackson, one for Big Moves, and seven for ourselves.  Ha, ha.”
How did you get in touch with Rainbow Jackson to create the music video for “Psycho Betty”?
“We met Chad and Sam at a Fourth of July party at our manager’s house.  We actually have the same manager.  They had been talking about getting us to direct a demonic type video for them.  Demons, blood, and bald babes are kind of our forte.”
Where was the music video shot?
“The video was shot in Echo Park and Silver Lake.  Some very kind and patient people let us invade their personal space for a couple of days.”
The font used for “Rainbow Jackson” has a retro look to it. Was this on purpose?

“Yeah, we wanted it to feel like you were watching one of those late night sex comedies from the early 90’s. USA Up All Night type stuff.”

The music video’s ending is bizarre and fun. What inspired this?
“The ending was actually the bands original idea.  When the band asked us to do the video, they had wanted Betty to turn into a demon at the end.  We just fleshed it out a little.”
What can we expect next from you?
“We have a couple new Professor Possessor music videos in the works.  Keeping it weird.”

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“Magnetic Love” Live Video by Raw Geronimo

raw-geronimo_1Raw Geronimo is an Echo Park-based co-ed sextet founded by Laena Geronimo (also of Swahili Blonde and The Like). She recruited more scene veterans (members of Black ApplesJeffertiti’s Nile, etc.) to form the band and the collaboration spawned “mesmerizing live tribal seances, epic ballads, and high-energy performances.” After two seven inches, their debut LP Dream Fever was recently released by Neurotic Yell Records.


Recorded by Mark Rains, the album continues to ride the wave of SoCal surf-pop garage rock that Bleached helped break through. But certain songs (like the first single “Magnetic Love”) carry a vintage vibe befitting a moonlit kiss before escalating into a soar. Here’s a live video of the song directed By Tony Corella and performed at the Station House Studio:

Raw Geronimo will next perform on Monday, August 12th for Kiev‘s second residency night at the Bootleg Theater along with Dark Furs and Vum.


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“(You Don’t Wanna) Wait For Me” by A House For Lions

ahfl_press1_medOn paper, A House For Lions is a rock band ready to bellow but never truly does due to their heart being wrapped up by mellow folk tendencies. Or maybe it’s the calming seaside breezes that strike the band’s practice space (drummer Joe Luisi’s home studio “The Bungalow”) in Santa Monica that influence their littoral vibe. Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Warships) produced the band’s 2011 EP I Want Us To Be Remembered and Tom Biller (Silversun PickupsElliott Smith, Fiona Apple) recently recorded their debut album to be released later this year. But for now you can enjoyed the mostly acoustic single “(You Don’t Wanna) Wait For Me”:

[bandcamp width=350 height=442 track=458790518 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708 notracklist=true]

A House For Lions‘ third anniversary show is tomorrow at Hotel Cafe with Anduze and Fire At Sea.


…and kicks off their West Coast tour.


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“Bad Weather” by Superhumanoids

sh-2_20130315_160029Superhumanoids is a Silver Lake-based trio in love with electronic instruments and pop music. Their collaborative result is dark digi-pop driven by bounteous beats and layered synths –but what cuts through it all is Sarah Chernoff’s soothing voice that melts each track into a state of repose (or as they like to say: “Music to help kiss the doldrums away”). Their debut LP Exhibitionists was released yesterday by Innovative Leisure and while most of its songs carry a suppressed urge to dance, their latest single “Bad Weather” is more lulling:

Superhumanoids‘ album release show is this Friday, August 9th at the Troubadour along with Vanaprasta and Mister Goodnite.


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