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“One Point One” by Dekades (Premiere)

DKDS PRESSDowntown-based Dekades isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, they seek it, confront it, and embrace it by shrouding their music with nefarious electronics and moody vibes. But as much as they try to stay cryptic, frontwoman Arden Fisher’s voice will always glow. Here’s the title track off their debut EP 1.1 which will be released tomorrow:

Dekades will next perform on Tuesday, October 8th at Hemingways for a Keep A Breast benefit show.

)CT 8th DKDS

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“Unrest” by Oh Boy Les Mecs

T+H roof2Coed duo Oh Boy Les Mecs (pronounced “o boi lay mek”) claims to originate from a place called the “Future Forest” (actually Silver Lake), refers to “fragile nature and science fiction” as major influences, and aspires to someday write an album near the Arctic to see how light deprivation will affect their creative process. These claims may sound bizarre, but all make sense once you hear their brand of moody electro-pop. Similar to scene-peers Omniflux and Superhumanoids, their songs are dark blurry blends of sharp synths, deep beats, and lush vocals. Their debut EP Nurture Nature was released earlier this year by dFM and features the entrancing “Unrest”:

Oh Boy Les Mecs will next perform this Saturday at the Abbot Kinney Festival on the Palms Stage at 11:00 AM. And yes, actual “free bike valet” will be available at this event!


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“Golden Room” by The Dead Ships

ContentImage-6540-142708-redwallEcho Park‘s favorite garage blues duo turned trio The Dead Ships return with a split 7″ released by Near Mess Records and shared by fellow loud rockers Wake Up Lucid. Their track “Golden Room” starts with short spurts but warms up to spit out the band’s reliably catchy howls. Just dance while your ears split.

The Dead Ships and Wake Up Lucid perform tomorrow Saturday, September 28th for the record’s release show at The Satellite along with Tulips and Tapioca And The Flea.


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“Cloudy” Music Video by Rare Times

RT_main_credit_mike harrisThere’s a new breed of pop music spreading through the City of Angels (see Motion Cntrl, Dead Times, Inc) and it’s dark, moody, but ultimately invigorating. Downtown-based Rare Times continues the wave by blending synth pop beats over silky vocals. It’s nocturnal music enveloped by a dreamy aesthetic haunted by neon lights and vacant streets. Their aptly titled EP Mist (Feel So Real) was released this summer and is the second of a trilogy.


And here’s the lo-fi dark-toned music video directed by Sus Boy and Mike Harris for the germane single “Cloudy”:

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Rare Time‘s show tonight at the Bootleg Bar along with Finish Ticket and HOLYCHILD.

Holychild 9-26

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“In The Summer” Music Video by Finish Ticket

finishticket3Summer is over, but don’t tell that to NorCal’s Finish Ticket who just released a music video for their single “In The Summer.” Completely shot on smartphones or digital cameras, the video follows the band over the past few years since their beginning as fellow high school students goofing off in Alameda to recently selling out the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco:

The band’s first LP Tears You Apart was produced by Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley (Vampire Weekend, Julian Casablancas, She And Him) and released at the beginning of this year. Certain songs soar with power pop while others are more sedated –but underlining every chorus is a sincere expression of emotion.

Tears You Apart

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Finish Ticket‘s show tonight at the Bootleg Bar along with Rare Times and HOLYCHILD.

Holychild 9-26

Finish Ticket will also continue a fall tour with Holychild.


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“Wonder” by Big Tree

BigTreephotobyGingerFiersteinBig Tree recently released their new EP My, How You’ve Grown and it’s everything you’d hope for from the Berkeley-based quintet: harmonizing female vocals, folk jingles, pop grooves, and of course a jamming ode to “San Francisco.”


While some of their past songs might have carried a more psychedelic or mystical undertone (see “Augury“), these new tracks will make you believe that the Bay Area is always filled with sunshine. Here’s their first gleeful single called “Wonder” which was recorded onto 2″ tape at Tiny Telephone Studios:

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Big Tree‘s record release party this Friday, September 27th at the Bootleg Bar along with Elise Davis and Alto. Come out!

BT LA Release

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“Happy With Me” by Holychild

L1013457_zps5b951c4dWho needs caffeine in the morning when you can get your day going with a HOLYCHILD song? The Silver Lake-based coed duo recently leaked the single “Happy With Me” from their highly anticipated Mind Speak EP and it’s replete with repetitive bombastic bonbon beats, pop punches, and soothing sugary vocals that’ll jolt the senses. The song should have been released four months ago to become everyone’s pool party jam, but then again summer never ends in SoCal.

Free Bike Valet is proud to present HOLYCHILD‘s next show at the Bootleg Bar this Thursday, September 26th along with Rare Times and Finish Ticket.

Holychild 9-26

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“Pray” and “Bad Man” by Bom Bom

1040780_525698057489094_1135928038_oBom Bom fans can finally keep jamming since the beach-city bums just leaked the other two tracks (“Pray,” “Bad Man”) off their highly anticipated debut self-titled EP. And both songs deliver just as much delicious bombastic pop, gung-ho vocals, and buoyant beats as their first single “Woman”:

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“Shadow Lately” by Kid Cadaver

ZM9A2631Valley guys Kid Cadaver return with a highly anticipated self-titled EP. Produced at TheLab by the trio’s go-to-guy Frankie Siragusa, the release gives home to previously leaked tracks (“Teach You The Tongue,” “Stable”) but solidifies the band’s inevitable breakthrough by delivering new songs with arena-ready soars (“Let Your Youth Show”) or electro-infused beats (“Shadow Lately”):

Kid Cadaver will perform tomorrow Saturday, September 21st at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach as part of the Venice Music Crawl.


Kid Cadaver‘s EP release show will be this Monday, September 23rd at Los Globos with Adult Cinema, Monster Paws, and We Are She Is.


Kid Cadaver will finish their Monday night residency for September at Los Globos the following week.


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“Nature” Music Video by WALLA

walla2_zps7e57ef37WALLA chose their moniker after the radio term for the murmur of a crowd. If there was a term for the murmur of a crowd gleefully dancing, they might be named something else. Formed in Hollywood, the multi-ethnic quintet makes pop rock ripe with melodic riffs, falsetto choruses, and stirring synths –all that’s needed for a sunny day of dancing. They recently followed up their Andrew Weiss-mixed debut EP Animal Of Love by releasing the Josh “Igloo” Monroy-produced Nature EP:


Directors Nika Braun and Nathalia Okimoto created a music video for the title track that follows the tough life of a guy with a television instead of a head:

WALLA will soon collaborate with producers Captain Cutz (Smallpools) hopefully before their student visas expire. Catch them tomorrow Saturday, September 21st at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach as part of the Venice Music Crawl.


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