“Spacetime” Music Video by Gardens And Villa

gvventerGardens And Villa is the result of five college friends forming a band in the quasi-granola beachside town of Santa Barbara. They chose their moniker after the name of their street and a nod to the garden they tended. Their debut self-titled EP was recorded at Richard Swift‘s Oregon studio in which the band camped out for the entire session –and you can almost smell the psychedelic effects.


They are currently working on their follow-up album but for now you can enjoy the trippy vintage montage music video for “Spacetime” directed by David South:

Gardens And Villa will perform tonight at the Santa Monica Pier as part of the Twilight Concert Series along with Mister Little Jeans.

1186131_10151719521449900_1617574621_n (1)

Gardens And Villa’s Official Website, Gardens And Villa on Facebook, Gardens And Villa on Twitter, Gardens And Villa on Instagram, Gardens And Villa on Soundcloud, Gardens And Villa on Bandcamp

2 thoughts on ““Spacetime” Music Video by Gardens And Villa

  1. Lo says:

    Way to get me psyched for tonight, FBV! <3, Locar

  2. […] Barbara‘s Gardens And Villa return with their follow-up, Dunes (Secretly Canadian), which was impressively produced by Tim […]

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