“Heater” Music Video by Warships

warships-2_credit to David UzzardiWarships managed to recruit renown producer Raymond Richards (Local NativesThe Parson Red HeadsHoneyhoney) for their debut EP Shadows which was released last June.


The five tracks are soaked with pop hooks and psychedelic grooves so it’s not much of a surprise that directors Frederik Boll and Jon Shoer sent the Echo Park-based quintet on a trippy adventure (in a house filled with long hallways and strange beautiful women triggered by a “magic gift box”) for their debut music video. Its vintage aesthetic and bizarre scenes just might be an homage to Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining:

Warships will next perform at the La Brea Summer Garage Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with Freedom Fry, OONAGuides, and The Low. Come out. It’s free!

District La Brea Summer Garage Jam 2013 FINAL - 9.15.13

Warships’ Official SiteWarships on FacebookWarships on Twitter, Warships on InstagramWarships on YouTube, Warships on BandcampWarships on Soundcloud

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