“On Our Own” Music Video by Oona (Premiere)

OONA-PRESSSHOT-MAXNoho‘s OONA released their third EP Flying At The Sun this past April with every track lacquered by dreamy dance pop.


The first music video from the release is for its second single “On Our Own” and features frontwoman Oona Garthwaite slowly gyrating in chic outfits amongst topless men, lamps, and balloons (amongst other things):

We wanted to know more about this flashy music video so we interviewed the director Steven A. Soria:

Where was this video shot?
“It was shot in the house that I grew up in. When we decided on the concept we started looking around for a house or hotel that might lend itself to the treatment, and when we couldn’t come up with anything we started to get a little discouraged. But over a holiday or a birthday or something I went to visit my family in Covina –a small town about thirty minutes east of Los Angeles, where I grew up– and realized that if we rearranged a few things that the look of the house would really lend itself to the look we had in our minds.”
How did you decide what objects OONA would dance around?
“The whole idea of the treatment was based on stories I’d heard about the Chelsea Hotel in New York. When I was living there I had a lot of friends tell me stories about the place. One that stood out the most is when an actress friend of mine ended up partying with this famous porn star and he ended up taking her to the Chelsea and he had someone there give her a tour. She described these rooms that they were using for storage and she made it sound really interesting, like a museum or something. One room had a bunch of banquet chairs and another room was filled with lamps from different eras. I never went to the Chelsea or saw any pictures or anything but the story kind of stuck with me and I kept the image in my head.”
How did the song influence you to create the video this way?
“When I hear a song for the first time I can always tell that I really, really like it when I instantly start seeing images in my head. That’s always a good sign. What’s that thing called? Synesthesia? But so I’d worked with Oona a few times and shot a few of her videos in a cinematographers’ capacity before. I don’t think she knew that I directed videos, or maybe they did know and didn’t like the videos that I made (laughs). But I told her and Dave that I really liked their music and that I’d love to somehow do something for them. They’re really great friends and some of the most giving and generous collaborators I’ve ever worked with so I wanted to figure something out for them. I do a lot of fan videos for local bands that I like hoping that they’ll just end up turning them into official videos. Is that creepy? Maybe. But when I hear something that inspires visual companions, I kind of get obsessed with making them happen just so I get the images out of my head and get the idea out of my system. Anyway, Dave and Oona were kind enough to send me a few songs and when I heard “On Our Own” I instantly started seeing things. Most of the time the first few images I see don’t end up in the video but those Chelsea stories were definitely kind of a jumping off point. Because I felt like the idea of those rooms at the Chelsea represented generations of young people partying and getting into trouble and I felt like there was some sort of correlation between whatever that was, whatever theme that was, and the song. I saw a lot of browns and ambers and golds when I heard the song. It sounded shiny but covered in dust as well.”

OONA will next perform at the La Brea Summer Garage Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with Freedom Fry, Warships, Guides, and The Low. Come out. It’s free!

District La Brea Summer Garage Jam 2013 FINAL - 9.15.13

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2 thoughts on ““On Our Own” Music Video by Oona (Premiere)

  1. […] Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with Freedom Fry, Warships, Oona, and The Low. Come out. […]

  2. […] Brea Summer Garage Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with Oona, Warships, Guides, and The Low. Come out. […]

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