“The Sea Invisible ” by Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry 1 - Credit[Moon Honeys]The Hancock Park coed duo Freedom Fry have had a big year. They released their third EP Friends And Enemies (Caveman Arts Society) and recently got married –so now their creative collaboration is forever sealed. Their latest single is “The Sea Invisible ” and carries a more somber vibe compared to their previous digi-pop tracks:

Freedom Fry will next perform at the La Brea Summer Garage Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with OONAWarshipsGuides, and The Low. Come out. It’s free!

District La Brea Summer Garage Jam 2013 FINAL - 9.15.13

Freedom Fry’s Official SiteFreedom Fry on FacebookFreedom Fry on Twitter, Freedom Fry on InstagramFreedom Fry on Soundcloud

One thought on ““The Sea Invisible ” by Freedom Fry

  1. […] song “Next Day,” this single is a Western-tinged journey ballad –similar to Freedom Fry‘s Outlaw EP– haunted by doleful emotions and an urge to […]

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