“I Think I’ll Shout” by StaG

StaG_4Burbank natives Matt McGuire and Will Walden first met at the age of five while playing tee ball. They remained friends and even went to college together in Boulder, CO. Together as StaG, they write ambient pop rock sprinkled with effervescent melodies and lush synchronized harmonies. This is the sound of a lifetime bond. The band is currently finishing their third album but for now you can enjoy the leaked single “I Think I’ll Shout” which could be a Vampire Weekend outtake if they ever returned to form:

StaG will perform this Saturday at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach as part of the Venice Music Crawl.


StaG on Facebook, StaG on Twitter, StaG on InstagramStaG on BandcampStaG on Soundcloud

One thought on ““I Think I’ll Shout” by StaG

  1. […] StaG‘s third album Difference should be released in the new year, but for now they’ve released a teaser video that appropriately sets its mood with ambient tones over riveting (and sometimes bizarre) clips. Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, the video achieves its purpose by leaving us craving more… […]

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