“It Feels Right” by Motion Cntrl

5Weho‘s Motion CNTRL wants their sound to “evoke a future where emotion, technology, and harmony collide” –and they succeed by blending dark beats, haunting synths, and smooth vocals. Their outlook might have a goth undertone wrought with sentiment but ultimately it’s an adventure interrupted by plenty of dance breaks. The coed duo is currently working on the second installment of their EP trilogy but for now you can still enjoy the infectious “It Feels Right”:

Motion CNTRL will perform this Saturday at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach as part of the Venice Music Crawl.


Motion CNTRL’s Official SiteMotion CNTRL on Facebook, Motion CNTRL on InstagramMotion CNTRL on Soundcloud, Motion CNTRL on Bandcamp

2 thoughts on ““It Feels Right” by Motion Cntrl

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