“Nature” Music Video by WALLA

walla2_zps7e57ef37WALLA chose their moniker after the radio term for the murmur of a crowd. If there was a term for the murmur of a crowd gleefully dancing, they might be named something else. Formed in Hollywood, the multi-ethnic quintet makes pop rock ripe with melodic riffs, falsetto choruses, and stirring synths –all that’s needed for a sunny day of dancing. They recently followed up their Andrew Weiss-mixed debut EP Animal Of Love by releasing the Josh “Igloo” Monroy-produced Nature EP:


Directors Nika Braun and Nathalia Okimoto created a music video for the title track that follows the tough life of a guy with a television instead of a head:

WALLA will soon collaborate with producers Captain Cutz (Smallpools) hopefully before their student visas expire. Catch them tomorrow Saturday, September 21st at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach as part of the Venice Music Crawl.


WALLA’s Official Website, WALLA on Facebook, WALLA on Twitter, WALLA on InstagramWALLA on YouTube, WALLA on BandcampWALLA on Soundcloud

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