“Happy With Me” by Holychild

L1013457_zps5b951c4dWho needs caffeine in the morning when you can get your day going with a HOLYCHILD song? The Silver Lake-based coed duo recently leaked the single “Happy With Me” from their highly anticipated Mind Speak EP and it’s replete with repetitive bombastic bonbon beats, pop punches, and soothing sugary vocals that’ll jolt the senses. The song should have been released four months ago to become everyone’s pool party jam, but then again summer never ends in SoCal.

Free Bike Valet is proud to present HOLYCHILD‘s next show at the Bootleg Bar this Thursday, September 26th along with Rare Times and Finish Ticket.

Holychild 9-26

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4 thoughts on ““Happy With Me” by Holychild

  1. […] Free Bike Valet is proud to present Finish Ticket‘s next show at the Bootleg Bar this Thursday, September 26th along with Rare Times and Holychild. […]

  2. […] Free Bike Valet is proud to present Rare Time‘s show tonight at the Bootleg Bar along with Finish Ticket and Holychild. […]

  3. […] Palms will next perform at the Bootleg Bar on Tuesday, March 4th along with Holychild, R.L. Kelly, and Kid […]

  4. […] HOLYCHILD released a music video for their second single “Playboy Girl” off their unreleased EP Mind Speak and it reinforces the band’s assumed mission statement: to make fun rad pop music covered in sugar and spice. Directed by Jancarlo Beck (who also shot the band’s latest press pictures), the video showcases band members Liz Nistico and Louie Diller alongside cute young women stuffing their faces with sweets –that is when they are not dancing in front of a projected erotica film: […]

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