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“Homemade Text Adventure” by The Dandelion Council (Premiere)

DC_PRESS PHOTO_1_webAs The Dandelion Council, Pip Craighead likes to make ambient chillwave out of his foothills home in Altadena. His almost completely instrumental electronics could be used as the score for time-lapse montages in retro nature documentaries, but he probably prefers you use it as star-gazing music. His fourth release, Cheyenne Mountain Text Adventure, will be released on December 10th (via cassette and digitally) by Gazelle Recordings, but for now you can enjoy the glo-fi single “Homemade Text Adventure”:

The Dandelion Council on Facebook, The Dandelion Council on Bandcamp


“How It Ends” Music Video by Tic Tic Boom!

ticticboom1Mike DeLay and Leilani Francisco are a couple who like to create danceable synth-pop under the moniker Tic Tic Boom!. Based out of a studio beneath their Hollywood apartment, the coed duo records all of their own music (DeLay attended the audio engineering program at the Musician’s Institute) which often evokes empathetic heartache over nostalgic synths and beats. They recently released their fourth EP It’s The Heart That’s A Fool which Francisco explained as an…

“…EP about dreamers. It’s about the sacrifices we make. It’s about being an artist while having to pay the bills and doing shitty jobs we hate.”


For the band’s first music video, they chose the single “How It Ends” which Francisco describes as being…

“…a dark love song. But it’s really more about life and the pains we put ourselves through. And how we have a knack for setting ourselves up for failure.”

Directed by Francisco, the video follows a couple through a morbid chapter of their lives:

Tic Tic Boom!’s Official Site, Tic Tic Boom! on Facebook, Tic Tic Boom! on Twitter, Tic Tic Boom! on Instagram, Tic Tic Boom! on YouTubeTic Tic Boom! on Bandcamp, Tic Tic Boom! on Soundcloud

“Regret” Music Video by Levels (Premiere)

widget_background_223919_254104858026929_1896086533_nOver a year ago, the Pomona-based threesome Levels (Cody Wilson, Roxy Evensen, and Mikey Rollingchild) released a live video of their garage-pop single “Regret” and now thanks to director Eric Ekman it has an official music video. Starting out as a random concert in an enclosed space with a seemingly unimpressed captive audience, the setting turns gory, catastrophic, and horrific before even the second chorus kicks in:

FBV wanted to know more about the making of the music video so we asked Wilson a few questions:

How did you come up with the concept for this music video?
“The video was actually a concept bred by Rotting Soil‘s Ben Hethcoat and Eric Ekman –the producer and director of the project. We were all getting bombed at El Cid after a show and they went in with this pitch. It was gnarly and we loved it.”
Is the band a fan of horror and gore?
Evil Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time. Roxy’s addicted to them. Mikey used to pass on them but now he doesn’t really have a choice. Also huge fans of David Cronenberg.”
How did you find the director Eric Ekman?
“Eric Ekman was introduced to me by his counterpart Ben Hethcoat. Ben and I go way back to when I was writing songs about bags of crap in high school. The two work together with their production company Rotting Soil and have done some really incredible stuff.”
Where was the video shot?
“We shot it at a couple locations. One in town at an undisclosed studio space and the other in the desert at a horse rescue. It wouldn’t have gotten done without the help of Mark Register and David Lasman.”
How did you find your “audience” in the video?
“Most of the audience were our friends. A couple of people we met on set after a few Craigslist ads. They did an amazing job. We can’t thank them enough. It wouldn’t have worked without them.”
Where did your bassist Roxy find such a cool outfit?
“Roxy has got serious style. I follow her lead. Think she found that hat at Goodwill or something. The wardrobe department killed it too with the rest of the gear. Big ups to Rachel Hranka and Monica Chamberlain. That thing Roxy was wearing was heavy as hell!”

Levels on FacebookLevels on TwitterLevels on YouTube

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“Difference” Album Teaser Video by StaG (Premiere)

StaG_3StaG‘s third album Difference should be released in the new year, but for now they’ve released a teaser video that appropriately sets its mood with ambient tones over riveting (and sometimes bizarre) clips. Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, the video achieves its purpose by leaving us craving more…

The band has been friends since childhood, so this album could be the collective result of a lifetime bond. Or as guitarist/vocalist Will Walden explains:

“The video does a good job of conveying some of the themes of the record as a whole. It’s all about reckless abandon and bursting out of a protective shell. It highlights important individual moments in people’s introspective lives. In some cases they’re lovely and instantly nostalgic, while in others they’re true moments of desperation, helplessness, and surrender.”

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“Suffah (feat. Rye Rye)” Music Video by Gavin Turek

GavinTurek_TigerTiger_33Fresh off The Break-Up Tape EP, Gavin Turek shot a music video for her edgy electro-bash single “Suffah (feat. Rye Rye).” As a tribute to a scene featuring Ann-Margaret in the musical Viva Las Vegas, the video allowed Gavin to apply her dance training and just shine:

Hana Ardelean (Gavin’s sister) and Jen Szilvagy from Tiger Tiger directed the music video, so we decided to ask Ardelean a few questions:

Who came up with the concept for this music video?

“Gavin and I grew up watching musicals and we’ve always been crazy about Ann Margret. I’ve been wanting to create something inspired by her for a while now and thought this would be the perfect way to do it. Gavin is basically Ann Margret’s spirit animal. It was an incredible shoot. We even shot some of it on an old movie crane just like they did back in the day.”

Where was it shot?

“At an elementary school in Glendale and on a sound stage in Culver City.”

Who are Gavin’s back-up dancers?

“Marcos Perez and Andrew Bechtold. They are both classically trained dancers and good friends of Gavin.”

Gavin only dances barefoot when on stage, how did you convince her to wear shoes?

“It was hard! She hated the idea but I used my big sister bullying powers.”

Did you also help curate her wardrobe?

“Yes, those are all custom pieces that I designed specifically for the video. Shout out to Joyce Henschel for being such an amazing seamstress.”

Gavin Turek will continue to tour the rest of the year.


Gavin Turek’s Official WebsiteGavin Turek on FacebookGavin Turek on TwitterGavin Turek on InstagramGavin Turek on TumblrGavin Turek on YouTubeGavin Turek on Soundcloud

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“Penelope” by Zak Waters

PROMO_2013-2Zak Waters recently leaked the first track off his highly anticipated LP Lip Service. The debut album gives a home to previous singles (“Skinny Dipping In The Deep End” and “Runnin Around”) but also reliably delivers a lot of new electro funk (“$500”) and smooth soul pop (“Sleeping In My T-Shirt) while opener “Penelope” gives a hilarious confession of love from a young man to his former babysitter:

“Oh Penelope, where are you now? I’m old enough to take you out…”

FBV asked Waters the story behind the lyrics of “Penelope” and he replied:

“‘Penelope’ is a perfect intro to my album. For me, Penelope was hot baby sitter I had growing up. Wasn’t her actual name but now that I’m old enough for her, I’m like ‘What’s up Penelope? I’m a man now and ready!'”

Zak Waters’ Official SiteZak Waters on FacebookZak Waters on Twitter, Zak Waters on Tumblr, Zak Waters on YouTubeZak Waters on Soundcloud


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“Baby” by Dead Times (Cover)

FBV - 1Electro crooners Dead Times have yet to release an album, but to ease the anticipation they decided to cover a 1979 track called “Baby” by the then teenage brother duo Donnie & Joe Emerson. The song has experienced a recent resurgence last year thanks to a vinyl crate digger, a few music blogs, and a re-release by Light In The Attic Records. While Dead Times isn’t the first to cover it, they are the first to appropriately render it into a smooth trill with deep beats.

FBV wanted to know why Dead Times chose this song to cover, so we asked vocalist Calvin Markus:

“I first heard the song in the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever. I had no idea of its origins, just thought it was a great song. I remember listening to the song with my roommate Luke in his car and thinking: ‘Damn, a sweet sunny R&B rendition of this would be amazing.’ Travis and I wrote it in probably like two hours. Dead Times naturally writes dark brooding material so this was a good way for us to explore love and happiness. It’s a study in good vibes.”

Dead Times’ Official SiteDead Times on FacebookDead Times on TwitterDead Times on InstagramDead Times on YouTubeDead Times on TumblrDead Times on Soundcloud

“Thanks For Nothing” Music Video by Great White Buffalo

2Great White Buffalo recently released a music video for “Thanks For Nothing” which is the opening track off their latest self-titled EP. The song is an upbeat power shot of grit-pop melodic rock that superbly captures the band’s live energy –so the video had to naturally correspond. Guitarist Stephen Johnson helped explain the concept to FBV:

“What we wanted to achieve with the video was to have a straight live performance to give the feel of our live show. A lot of people who listen to our music haven’t seen us play live yet, so we figured we’d throw them a bone. It’s our first official video so we wanted to show the whole ‘Who we are, what we do thing.’ We wanted to give the venue the dirty-warehouse dungeon-crackhouse vibe to give it some ambiance.” 

We wanted to know more about the making of the video so we interviewed the director Stefanie Visser:

How did you come up with the treatment for this video?
“The guys really wanted a performance heavy video and we were sitting around one day brainstorming some ideas and we came up with doing a kind of underground, secret party type thing. Then I was just like, ‘What if everyone has to follow buffalo symbols to find the location?’ It grew from there.”
Who is the “concert hunter” actress?
“That is Nina. She is Stephen’s girlfriend. She was so great and stayed up all night with us to shoot all her parts around the city.”
Where did you film it?
“AJ the DP and I actually went to a few crazy parties at the place we ended up shooting. It seemed like one of those empty, warehouse type Downtown L.A. buildings you end up at the end of the night. We then found out someone actually lives there and they were awesome enough to let us shoot there.”

Great White Buffalo’s Official SiteGreat White Buffalo on FacebookGreat White Buffalo on TwitterGreat White Buffalo on BandcampGreat White Buffalo on Soundcloud

“Vocable” Music Video by Alto (Premiere)

Vocable Taco PhotoDuring the summer of 2012, a trio of short-haired young women named Alto (all UCLA music majors at the time) released their self-titled debut EP and began to melt hearts by touring the coast with just string instruments and pitch harmonies. They have since graduated from college and lost a founding member only to become a co-ed quintet with the addition of longtime collaborator Joseph Lorge (guitar, mandolin), Kevin Farzad (drums), and Katya Schoenberg (vocals). They’re currently working on a new EP, but for now you can enjoy the music video for their folk-pop single “Vocable” that director Tristan Starr shot at the band’s former apartment in Westwood and various locales around Silver Lake:

Alto’s Official SiteAlto on FacebookAlto on TwitterAlto on Bandcamp, Alto on Soundcloud

“Stand Up” by In The Valley Below

137158237714.CarEcho Park‘s breakthrough coed duo (and home brewersIn The Valley Below just leaked their second single “Stand Up” off their Peaches EP (Capitol Records) and unlike its somber-beat title-track hit this song delivers a rock punch of affirmation:

In The Valley Below is currently on an international tour with White Lies.


In The Valley Below’s Official WebsiteIn The Valley Below on Facebook, In The Valley Below on Twitter, In The Valley Below on InstagramIn The Valley Below on YouTubeIn The Valley Below on Bandcamp, In The Valley Below on Soundcloud

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