“Call Yourself A Lover” by Pr0files

pr0files_press1Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum first collaborated together as part of The Boy Traveler which also included Sonny Moore (pre-Skrillex). Sternbaum went on to form Baby Monster but recently reconvened with Pardini as the side project Pr0files. Now the Echo Park based act makes moody electro-pop in the same vein as fellow coed duos Motion Cntrl and Oh Boy Les Mecs. Here’s the first leaked track off their debut album Jurassic Technologie (named after their favorite museum) which is due next year:

Pr0files‘ debut show will be on Thursday, October 17th at Hotel Cafe for Blind Date L.A. along with Glowbug and Memoir.


Pr0files’ Official SitePr0files on FacebookPr0files on TwitterPr0files on Soundcloud

2 thoughts on ““Call Yourself A Lover” by Pr0files

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  2. […] Glowbug‘s next show will be on Thursday, October 17th at Hotel Cafe for Blind Date L.A. along with Profiles and Memoir. […]

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