“Suffah (feat. Rye Rye)” Music Video by Gavin Turek

GavinTurek_TigerTiger_33Fresh off The Break-Up Tape EP, Gavin Turek shot a music video for her edgy electro-bash single “Suffah (feat. Rye Rye).” As a tribute to a scene featuring Ann-Margaret in the musical Viva Las Vegas, the video allowed Gavin to apply her dance training and just shine:

Hana Ardelean (Gavin’s sister) and Jen Szilvagy from Tiger Tiger directed the music video, so we decided to ask Ardelean a few questions:

Who came up with the concept for this music video?

“Gavin and I grew up watching musicals and we’ve always been crazy about Ann Margret. I’ve been wanting to create something inspired by her for a while now and thought this would be the perfect way to do it. Gavin is basically Ann Margret’s spirit animal. It was an incredible shoot. We even shot some of it on an old movie crane just like they did back in the day.”

Where was it shot?

“At an elementary school in Glendale and on a sound stage in Culver City.”

Who are Gavin’s back-up dancers?

“Marcos Perez and Andrew Bechtold. They are both classically trained dancers and good friends of Gavin.”

Gavin only dances barefoot when on stage, how did you convince her to wear shoes?

“It was hard! She hated the idea but I used my big sister bullying powers.”

Did you also help curate her wardrobe?

“Yes, those are all custom pieces that I designed specifically for the video. Shout out to Joyce Henschel for being such an amazing seamstress.”

Gavin Turek will continue to tour the rest of the year.


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