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“Sweaty Windows” Music Video by Las Brujas (Premiere)

photolasbrujasLas Brujas isn’t just another band jamming out in an Echo Park apartment. Their steady psychedelic grooves bring a fresh breeze of chillax that can only be captured by a true beach band exposed to the serene effects of the coastline. After a few singles, they recently released their self-titled debut EP.

brujas lips

And to accompany its first single “Sweaty Windows,” director Samantha Shada created a compelling music video that explores a more romantic side of Los Angeles. Or as she explains:

“We focused on the sexy and beautiful yet natural side of our city, highlighting both feminine and masculine iconography: sunset followed by the rising of the moon, the waves of Malibu juxtaposed with the skyscrapers of downtown. Stylistically we shot vibrant, over-saturated images and dense framing that focused on the natural beauty of the city and its characters within…”

FBV wanted to know more about the video so we interviewed vocalist/guitarist Brian Jarmon and drummer Seth Olansky.

Where does the title of the song come from?
Jarmon: “The lyrics came to me right after I had just started dating my girlfriend. I’d been in L.A. about a year at that point and had experienced its myriad of scenes. She seemed so innocent at the time, but I knew a deeper undercurrent lied beneath her cool facade. It’s basically me telling myself to ‘Chill out, don’t blow it with this one.'”
How did you find the director for the video?
Olansky: “The video was directed by our friend Samantha Shada. We approached her with the idea for the video and she really expanded the vision and added a narrative element. Everything on the video was done no-budget guerrilla-style and it is a credit to Sam’s talent that the final result came together so smoothly.”
Where was it shot?
Olansky: “The video features some very iconic L.A. imagery: the downtown skyline, sunset over the ocean shores of Malibu, views of Hollywood and Topanga Canyon. The overall effect lends a strong sense of place for the music and the band.”
Does the whole band drive sweet vintage cars?
Olansky: “We wish! Two of us don’t even drive.”

What is the best make-out spot in L.A.?

Olansky: “Can’t go wrong with any of the locations featured in the video! Other places we’re partial to: nosebleed sections at the Hollywood Bowl, seats at the back of the Los Feliz theater, a quiet booth at any rooftop bar downtown. Of course the best place is wherever you and your sweetheart happen to be at the moment.”

Las Brujas on Facebook, Las Brujas on Twitter, Las Brujas on Bandcamp, Las Brujas on Soundcloud

“President” by Burning Jet Black (Premiere)

BJB_Elevator2West LA‘s blues-pop rockers Burning Jet Black leaked another track (“President”) off their second EP Rascals –due Tuesday, December 3rd via Unemployed Records. Unlike their pop-tinged first single “Brutal Beyond,” this song carries a deep blues groove which escalates into a Foo Fighters-worthy soar of stellar rock:

FBV is proud to present Burning Jet Black‘s EP Release Party on Saturday, November 30th at Trip along with Levels and Mars And The Massacre.


Burning Jet Black’s Official SiteBurning Jet Black on FacebookBurning Jet Black on TwitterBurning Jet Black on YouTubeBurning Jet Black on BandcampBurning Jet Black on Soundcloud


“Summer Girl” by The Pocket Rockets (Premiere)

IMG_6938Summer might be over, but don’t tell that to power trio The Pocket Rockets. These East L.A. kids might not know what a season is, but they do know that it’s always play time in SoCal –hence their latest swift pop single “Summer Girl”:

The song is the second track (after “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“) to be leaked from their forthcoming release on Sonata Cantata Records. The as yet to be titled EP was mixed and mastered by Jon Siebels (formerly of Monsters Are Waiting, currently of Eve Six) at Clifton Studios.

The Pocket Rockets will next perform at Almost Holden Collective on Thursday, November 21st with Fartbarf, Gazoota, Polyan And The Johnson Sisters, and Church Of Sun.


And then on Friday, November 29th at Fenix 5-4 with The Tee Pees, Devil McCoy, and Karimel Days.


The Pocket Rockets on FacebookThe Pocket Rockets on TwitterThe Pocket Rockets on InstagramThe Pocket Rockets on Bandcamp


“Chain” by Golden Gloves (Premiere)

531500-R1-2aGolden Gloves is the bedroom project of Echo Park denizen Chris Norton. What might have started out as a tribute to sloppy mid-90s indie rock soon pivoted to digi-pop after he subsumed thump beats and spongy synths. His second EP Forests, Canyons, Deserts will drop next week. Here’s its catchy via steady first single “Chain”:

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“Keep Together” Music Video by Hunter Hunted

hunter-hunted-600x250 - CopySince releasing their last music video, Hunter Hunted‘s self-titled debut EP has been re-released by A&M Octone Records. Soon after, director Joseph Toman took some actors and the band to the California woods to shoot a music video for their second single “Keep Together”:

FBV wanted to know more about the music video so we interviewed band member Michael Garner:

Who came up with the idea for this video?

Joseph Toman, the director, came up with the concept. We wanted something that felt easy, and natural, and fun. And this idea and aesthetic fit that.”

How did you find the director?

“We are fans of his other videos. He’s done really cool stuff for Justin Timberlake, and Phillip Phillips, and he’s a very versatile director. So we reached out.”

Did you have any desire to wear warpaint again like your last music video?

“We always want to wear warpaint! In the morning, in the afternoon… at suppertime. But no, war paint fit the concept of our ‘End of the World’ music video, but it was never meant to define a permanent look or vibe for our band. But who knows, the warpaint may make a comeback for our next video.”

Where was it shot?

“It was all shot in the beautiful Angeles National Forest a few hours north of L.A. We were in a pretty secluded area and besides the lights, and sound of the set, and the campfire there was nothing else around us. Living in L.A., we sometimes don’t take advantage of the outdoors as much as I should. I felt like my lungs appreciated all the green trees and fresh air.”

As a band, are you big on camping?

“We planned on pitching tents and camping after the music video, but by the time we wrapped it was close to freezing. So we chickened out and drove home. We’re big camping fans individually, but haven’t actually done it as a band yet. We have a favorite scary camping story called Taily Bone and we listen to it on tour quite often but haven’t yet put it to the test in the woods. Might be too scary but I look forward to finding out.

Hunter Hunted will soon join The Mowgli’s and Blondfire on the Random Acts of Kindness Tour throughout the West Coast.


Hunter Hunted’s Official WebsiteHunter Hunted on FacebookHunter Hunted on TwitterHunter Hunted on InstagramHunter Hunted on YouTubeHunter Hunted on Soundcloud

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“Songbird” by Opus Vitae (Premiere)

banah solo pressBay Area native Banah Winn used to be the keyboardist for Cayucas but now fronts his own Silver Lake-based act called Opus Vitae (Latin for “life’s work”). Winn compares them as…

“…if Cayucas is the beach, then Opus Vitae is the mountains. More powerful, more depth.”

Their first leaked track “Songbird” begins with an upbeat gentle hum well-suited for The Postal Service –if they used more instruments:

Opus Vitae will perform tomorrow Thursday, November 7th at The Satellite along with Strangetalk and The Griswolds.

Opus Vitae Nov7th poster

Opus Vitae on FacebookOpus Vitae on BandcampOpus Vitae on Soundcloud

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“Dancing On The Moon” by Heaps N Heaps (Premiere)

Heaps n Heaps blog picIf you ever get a little chilly, the Heaps N Heaps intertwining harmonized tender pop-rock will warm you up just like a cup of hot cocoa. Originally formed by singer/songwriter Zach Moon and Australian vocalist Alisa Fedele, the duo became a Venice Beach-based quartet after playing backyard parties and living room sets which suitably hosted their sound –gentle yet enveloping, like leaves caught in a whirlwind. Their debut EP Dancing on the Moon will be released on November 13th.


Here’s the title track:

Heaps N Heaps‘ album release show will be on Sunday, November 17th at the Troubadour along with Rosechild and Bobby Church.


Heaps N Heaps’ Official WebsiteHeaps N Heaps on Facebook, Heaps N Heaps on Twitter, Heaps N Heaps on InstagramHeaps N Heaps on Tumblr, Heaps N Heaps on YouTubeHeaps N Heaps on Bandcamp, Heaps N Heaps on Soundcloud

“Mellotron” by Tapioca And The Flea

w-Tapioca_and_the_Flea-2Tapioca And The Flea is not a duo. In fact, it started out as a solo project for Fullerton native Sam Lopez. But now they’re four Los Angeles dudes who like to aptly label their blend of indie rock and electro pop as “pyschwave” –digi-beats move the feet while airy vocals and visceral guitar vibes paint a dreamscape. They’ve managed to create a splash by remixing songs by other SoCal bands (Young The Giant, White Arrows) but recently released their own self-titled EP. Here’s the first single “Mellotron”:

We wanted to know more about Tapioca And The Flea so we interviewed frontman Lopez:

How did you guys come to form?

“I started Tapioca And The Flea as a solo project. I lived with Matt and Ronnie in L.A. for years and had played in bands growing up in O.C. with Frank. The band formed when I was given the opportunity to open for Young The Giant in 2011. Frank and I knew YTG from the O.C. scene back in the day. I also toured with Young The Giant as keyboardist for the band Kitten.”

Where does the band’s name come from? 
“From the depths of our minds.”
Do people sometimes expect a duo?
“Nah, I don’t think so.”
Instrumentally and sonically, how do you incorporate a more electro edge into your music?

“We don’t intentionally try to incorporate anything ‘electro’ to our music. In fact, I can’t stand that label. I do most of my writing with computer software and electronics so maybe that’s why we get pinned into the ‘electro’ category. But honestly we just make whatever sounds cool to us. At the moment, dancey beats and bass synthesizers sound rad to us so we’ll use ’em for now.”

Do you feel like more bands are moving in this direction?

“Yes, people are finally starting to realize that they can use modern technology to their advantage with making any kind of music now and it’s starting to raise the bar for a lot of different styles and genres.”
What can we expect from you coming up?
“We have a free joint residency with Lovelife for the first three Mondays of December at the Observatory in Orange County. We also will be releasing our new single in January. We had the opportunity to record at Red Bull Studios with one of my favorite producers, Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, and we’re all really excited. We’ll be printing vinyls and new merch for the residency and gearing up to go on the road in 2014.”

Tapioca And The Flea will perform a DJ set tomorrow November 5th for Dim Mak Tuesdays along with Jupiter and Night Drive. Follow FBV‘s Twitter and Facebook to learn how to win a pair of tickets!


Tapioca And The Flea’s Official SiteTapioca And The Flea on FacebookTapioca And The Flea on Twitter, Tapioca And The Flea on InstagramTapioca And The Flea on TumblrTapioca And The Flea on BandcampTapioca And The Flea on Soundcloud

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