“Mellotron” by Tapioca And The Flea

w-Tapioca_and_the_Flea-2Tapioca And The Flea is not a duo. In fact, it started out as a solo project for Fullerton native Sam Lopez. But now they’re four Los Angeles dudes who like to aptly label their blend of indie rock and electro pop as “pyschwave” –digi-beats move the feet while airy vocals and visceral guitar vibes paint a dreamscape. They’ve managed to create a splash by remixing songs by other SoCal bands (Young The Giant, White Arrows) but recently released their own self-titled EP. Here’s the first single “Mellotron”:

We wanted to know more about Tapioca And The Flea so we interviewed frontman Lopez:

How did you guys come to form?

“I started Tapioca And The Flea as a solo project. I lived with Matt and Ronnie in L.A. for years and had played in bands growing up in O.C. with Frank. The band formed when I was given the opportunity to open for Young The Giant in 2011. Frank and I knew YTG from the O.C. scene back in the day. I also toured with Young The Giant as keyboardist for the band Kitten.”

Where does the band’s name come from? 
“From the depths of our minds.”
Do people sometimes expect a duo?
“Nah, I don’t think so.”
Instrumentally and sonically, how do you incorporate a more electro edge into your music?

“We don’t intentionally try to incorporate anything ‘electro’ to our music. In fact, I can’t stand that label. I do most of my writing with computer software and electronics so maybe that’s why we get pinned into the ‘electro’ category. But honestly we just make whatever sounds cool to us. At the moment, dancey beats and bass synthesizers sound rad to us so we’ll use ’em for now.”

Do you feel like more bands are moving in this direction?

“Yes, people are finally starting to realize that they can use modern technology to their advantage with making any kind of music now and it’s starting to raise the bar for a lot of different styles and genres.”
What can we expect from you coming up?
“We have a free joint residency with Lovelife for the first three Mondays of December at the Observatory in Orange County. We also will be releasing our new single in January. We had the opportunity to record at Red Bull Studios with one of my favorite producers, Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, and we’re all really excited. We’ll be printing vinyls and new merch for the residency and gearing up to go on the road in 2014.”

Tapioca And The Flea will perform a DJ set tomorrow November 5th for Dim Mak Tuesdays along with Jupiter and Night Drive. Follow FBV‘s Twitter and Facebook to learn how to win a pair of tickets!


Tapioca And The Flea’s Official SiteTapioca And The Flea on FacebookTapioca And The Flea on Twitter, Tapioca And The Flea on InstagramTapioca And The Flea on TumblrTapioca And The Flea on BandcampTapioca And The Flea on Soundcloud

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