“Keep Together” Music Video by Hunter Hunted

hunter-hunted-600x250 - CopySince releasing their last music video, Hunter Hunted‘s self-titled debut EP has been re-released by A&M Octone Records. Soon after, director Joseph Toman took some actors and the band to the California woods to shoot a music video for their second single “Keep Together”:

FBV wanted to know more about the music video so we interviewed band member Michael Garner:

Who came up with the idea for this video?

Joseph Toman, the director, came up with the concept. We wanted something that felt easy, and natural, and fun. And this idea and aesthetic fit that.”

How did you find the director?

“We are fans of his other videos. He’s done really cool stuff for Justin Timberlake, and Phillip Phillips, and he’s a very versatile director. So we reached out.”

Did you have any desire to wear warpaint again like your last music video?

“We always want to wear warpaint! In the morning, in the afternoon… at suppertime. But no, war paint fit the concept of our ‘End of the World’ music video, but it was never meant to define a permanent look or vibe for our band. But who knows, the warpaint may make a comeback for our next video.”

Where was it shot?

“It was all shot in the beautiful Angeles National Forest a few hours north of L.A. We were in a pretty secluded area and besides the lights, and sound of the set, and the campfire there was nothing else around us. Living in L.A., we sometimes don’t take advantage of the outdoors as much as I should. I felt like my lungs appreciated all the green trees and fresh air.”

As a band, are you big on camping?

“We planned on pitching tents and camping after the music video, but by the time we wrapped it was close to freezing. So we chickened out and drove home. We’re big camping fans individually, but haven’t actually done it as a band yet. We have a favorite scary camping story called Taily Bone and we listen to it on tour quite often but haven’t yet put it to the test in the woods. Might be too scary but I look forward to finding out.

Hunter Hunted will soon join The Mowgli’s and Blondfire on the Random Acts of Kindness Tour throughout the West Coast.


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