“Sweaty Windows” Music Video by Las Brujas (Premiere)

photolasbrujasLas Brujas isn’t just another band jamming out in an Echo Park apartment. Their steady psychedelic grooves bring a fresh breeze of chillax that can only be captured by a true beach band exposed to the serene effects of the coastline. After a few singles, they recently released their self-titled debut EP.

brujas lips

And to accompany its first single “Sweaty Windows,” director Samantha Shada created a compelling music video that explores a more romantic side of Los Angeles. Or as she explains:

“We focused on the sexy and beautiful yet natural side of our city, highlighting both feminine and masculine iconography: sunset followed by the rising of the moon, the waves of Malibu juxtaposed with the skyscrapers of downtown. Stylistically we shot vibrant, over-saturated images and dense framing that focused on the natural beauty of the city and its characters within…”

FBV wanted to know more about the video so we interviewed vocalist/guitarist Brian Jarmon and drummer Seth Olansky.

Where does the title of the song come from?
Jarmon: “The lyrics came to me right after I had just started dating my girlfriend. I’d been in L.A. about a year at that point and had experienced its myriad of scenes. She seemed so innocent at the time, but I knew a deeper undercurrent lied beneath her cool facade. It’s basically me telling myself to ‘Chill out, don’t blow it with this one.'”
How did you find the director for the video?
Olansky: “The video was directed by our friend Samantha Shada. We approached her with the idea for the video and she really expanded the vision and added a narrative element. Everything on the video was done no-budget guerrilla-style and it is a credit to Sam’s talent that the final result came together so smoothly.”
Where was it shot?
Olansky: “The video features some very iconic L.A. imagery: the downtown skyline, sunset over the ocean shores of Malibu, views of Hollywood and Topanga Canyon. The overall effect lends a strong sense of place for the music and the band.”
Does the whole band drive sweet vintage cars?
Olansky: “We wish! Two of us don’t even drive.”

What is the best make-out spot in L.A.?

Olansky: “Can’t go wrong with any of the locations featured in the video! Other places we’re partial to: nosebleed sections at the Hollywood Bowl, seats at the back of the Los Feliz theater, a quiet booth at any rooftop bar downtown. Of course the best place is wherever you and your sweetheart happen to be at the moment.”

Las Brujas on Facebook, Las Brujas on Twitter, Las Brujas on Bandcamp, Las Brujas on Soundcloud

4 thoughts on ““Sweaty Windows” Music Video by Las Brujas (Premiere)

  1. Manuel Arreola Jr says:

    I really liked Samantha. Congratulations, it is good. Thanks for sending it to me. Regards and take care. Manuel Arreola Jr. (Laredo, Texas)

  2. Sally Ganem says:

    You are so talented and do so many cool things! The group was wise to pick you and I know you enjoyed being with them. Friends are great! Congratulations!

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