“Yaphet Kotto” by Ballerina Black

_MG_0088_edit_color_onlineBallerina Black is the moniker for Bobby Moynahan’s Downtown L.A. project with drummer Romeo Mendoza. As their appellation implies, they stir up a dark blend of gloom pop mixed with mood rock in the vein of the gothic forefathers –but with eulogy-ish lyrics and a new fondness of synths, they might be better labeled as grave-wave. Their latest EP Svart is the conclusion of their Injureless trilogy. Here’s its first single “Yaphet Kotto”:

Ballerina Black’s Official Site, Ballerina Black on Facebook, Ballerina Black on Twitter, Ballerina Black on YouTubeBallerina Black on Bandcamp, Ballerina Black on Soundcloud

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