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“Sheep In Wolves Clothes” by Little Hurricane

1417560_10151966463589597_1912146847_oNorth Park‘s musical mascot Little Hurricane returns with a leaked track (“Sheep In Wolves Clothes”) off their second LP Gold Fever (Death Valley Records) –due out Tuesday, March 4th– which was recorded in Julian at an apple-picking house from the 19th century. If this single renders the collective tone of the record, the coed duo may have swapped some of their blues grit for a new level of raw rock grandeur:

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“Playground” by Indian Summer

PageImage-518002-4724393-IMG_3478Indian Summer is a coed collective based out of a Downtown rehearsal space. Friends since college, the quartet never played together until fate reunited them in Los Angeles. Their debut EP Four Days in Arkham was released last year and is a reference to their home recording studio dubbed Arkham Studios (apparently they are fans of Batman). Here’s the album’s last track “Playground” which is a crescendoing rush of folk pop that would make their genre peers Miner proud:

Indian Summer will perform around L.A. over the next two months.


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“Winter Song (feat. Justin Scott Linville)” by Jay Woodward

LWT Press Release shoot 2013-9Singer-songwriter Jay Woodward hasn’t always lived under the sun in Venice Beach. He grew up near Rochester, New York and still remembers the sharp sting of cold winds. With these memories, he wrote “Winter Song” that gently commemorates in a Bright Eyes ambience the harsh season unbeknownst to SoCal beach bums. And with Woodward’s romanticized chorus, the anthem conjures a little bit of jealous curiosity:

“We stay warm in the disgust of our own disguises as they burn beside us.”

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“Just Friends” Music Video by Lucy And La Mer

IanCurrier2Lucy And La Mer is a folk pop ensemble led by Sarah “Lucy” LaForge who writes most of their songs on the benches surrounding Echo Park Lake with a baritone ukulele. Their forthcoming second EP was recently recorded by Jonathan Nesvadba at Pearl Tone Studios and we can expect an arsenal of instruments to appear such as the harp, banjo, mandolin, accordion, and trumpet. But for now, enjoy the music video for the EP’s first single “Just Friends” which tells a comical story of accidental lovers fading into the “friend zone”:


“Play video games or get naked it’s all the same, cause we’re just friends”

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“Johnny Kiss” by Okapi Sun

Photoby_Andre_Couturier_Matret-Okapi_Sun-s2_5283Maren “Leo” Parusel (the red-head) and Gabriela “Dallas” Sanchez (not the red-head) originally met in a Berlin nightclub but later teamed up in North Park to create a self-described “tribal pop dance party” as Okapi Sun. The chick duo just leaked the first single (“Johnny Kiss”) off their debut LP Techno Prisoners (Phaedra Records) which drops on Tuesday, April 29th and was recorded by Ethan Allen (of Gram Rabbit) and Neal H. Pogue (Janelle Monae, M.I.A.). Laced with shameless electro fun, the album will make you wish more EDM ravers picked up instruments:

Okapi Sun will next perform this Saturday, February 1st at Hotel Cafe.


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“Somethin” by Mvscles

MVSCLES_1Digi dream poppers MVSCLES return by leaking another track (“Somethin”) off their forthcoming album. Similar to their first single (“Where You Are“) the song makes effective use of cute synths, echoing vocals, and slow beats to give a light effervescent buzz:

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“Remember” by Gavin Turek

IMG_9963 2_Edit_smallerThe reliably stunning Gavin Turek has kicked off her new year by leaking a track (“Remember”) off her highly anticipated debut LP. Produced by Harlan Silverman (Mayer Hawthorne) the yet-to-be-titled album might take the barefoot dancer in a new direction but judging by this song it will still deliver an ’80s-worthy sweaty sensation of dance pop:

Turek will soon tour California with Mayer Hawthorne and Quadron.


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“Maybe I’m Wrong” by Heaps N Heaps

HEAPSveniceIMG_6297Heaps N Heaps return with the second track off their debut EP Dancing On The Moon. Similar to the opening title track, the founding duo of Zach Moon and Alisa Fedele alternate vocals from different perspectives but this time within the role of torn lovers –and their delivery is all just as beautiful:

“Maybe I’m wrong, but I want to be with you.”

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“Hey You” by Sumeau (Premiere)

Glasses Band Shot SMALLThe Valley Village coed duo Sumeau returns by releasing the opening track (“Hey You”) off their self-titled debut album which drops Tuesday, February 18th. In contrast to the hushed lo-fi of their first leaked song “Next Day,” this single is a Western-tinged journey ballad –similar to Freedom Fry‘s Outlaw EP– haunted by doleful emotions and an urge to flee:

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“Step” by Breach The Summit

1537750_801102726582685_440649479_oBreach The Summit is four dudes from Irvine who take their love of polished pop and striking synths to a grandeur level of verve. Just like Y LUV before them, their energetic fervor exudes off every song. The title of their second EP, The City, may allude to dreams of breaking out in Los Angeles, and with KROQ Locals Only spinning their new single “Step” they are one step closer:

Breach The Summit will next perform on Friday, January 31st at Amplyfi along with Verdell and Nilu.


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