“Wild Gloom” by Wax Children (Premiere)

waxy band photoWax Children might hail from the San Gabriel Valley town Covina but their collective heart belongs to the shore. The four dudes channel a psychedelic surf groove laced with hazy and catchy melodies that sometimes lead to a chaotic clamor of spacious shoegaze. Their third EP, Angst, was recently released. Here’s its second track “Wild Gloom”:

Wax Children will perform tonight at the Bootleg Theater with Francisco The Man and No Silver Bird.


And then at Brick & Mortar on Saturday, January 25th with Mondo Drag, Yogurt Brain, and Glitter Wizard.


And then tour the rest of the Bay Area.


Wax Children on Facebook, Wax Children on Twitter, Wax Children on Instagram, Wax Children on Bandcamp, Wax Children on Soundcloud

2 thoughts on ““Wild Gloom” by Wax Children (Premiere)

  1. […] perform at Trip this Saturday, March 15th along with Massenger, Wax Children, and Washing […]

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