“Anyway” Music Video by Phil Beaudreau

PB 2 smCrooner Phil Beaudreau may have attended Berklee College of Music on the trumpet, but it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles and met producer Dawaun Parker that his career truly came to fruition. After collaborating on a few tracks at a Santa Monica studio, Parker encouraged Beaudreau to become a solo artist. He recollects his initial fear and self-doubt in this teaser for his debut album:

And the prize for his creative triumph is Ether (High Renaissance) –thirteen tracks of hip R&B that transition between spacial interludes, surging beats, and stellar soars all carried by the vessel of Beaudreau’s stunning voice.

FrontCover 700x700

“To be honest, this record made me reconsider everything I thought I knew about myself and music,” Beaudreau says. “But I also gained a lot of confidence because I did something I couldn’t do before. It feels like a complete reconstruction. I’m excited for people to listen to my story.”

Beaudreau just released a black and white music video for the succinct sedative single “Anyway,” and it might be the closest way to be serenaded by him without dating him (make sure to expand to full-screen!):

Phil Beaudreau’s Official SitePhil Beaudreau on FacebookPhil Beaudreau on TwitterPhil Beaudreau on InstagramPhil Beaudreau on YouTubePhil Beaudreau on TumblrPhil Beaudreau on iTunes, Phil Beaudreau on Soundcloud

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2 thoughts on ““Anyway” Music Video by Phil Beaudreau

  1. Genevieve says:

    Love this guy!

  2. Corey says:

    I want this album yesterday. I love Anyway and want more Phil give me MORE!

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