“Forever Found” by Kan Wakan

KW.13_VRTX-Stage-3s-010-IceSilver Lake‘s Kan Wakan is the brainchild of Gueorgui I. Linev who originally envisioned the project as solely instrumental. Thankfully vocalist Kristianne Bautista and guitarist Peter Potyondy convinced him otherwise as the trio fused a melange of soul, jazz, psych, and pop all smoked over with a vintage vibe that can pivot into an orchestral soundscape. (Hence the band’s name being inspired by the Tagalog word for “interstellar/outer space.”) Their debut LP, Moving On, was produced by Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley) and engineered by Tom Elmhirst (Arcade Fire, Beck, The Black Keys) and will drop later this year, but for now you can enjoy the title track off their debut EP via Verve Records:

Kan Wakan will perform every Monday this month for a residency at the Echoplex. Tonight’s show is with James Supercave, Incan Abraham, and Only You.


Kan Wakan on FacebookKan Wakan on Twitter, Kan Wakan on InstagramKan Wakan on YouTube, Kan Wakan on TumblrKan Wakan on Soundcloud

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One thought on ““Forever Found” by Kan Wakan

  1. Dan says:

    awesome track!

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