“Gypsy Song” by Kera And The Lesbians

000032630008_zpsb544722fDespite their moniker’s implication, Kera And The Lesbians is not an all female trio hellbent on resurrecting the mid-90s riot grrrl movement. Instead, Kera’s rhythm section carries both the x and y chromosome and they self-describe their sound as “bipolar folk.” Formed in San Diego but now based in Los Feliz, they’ve submerged themselves in SoCal’s vibrant garage rock scene even though their music leans toward roots soul instead of party punk. Their third EP, Year 23 (Lolipop Records), was recorded by Wyatt Blair and opens with the aptly titled “Gypsy Song” which fellow ex-San Diego denizen Kristin Welchez would have loved when she was drumming for Grand Ole Party before fronting the Dum Dum Girls:

Kera And The Lesbians will perform every Monday this month for their residency at The Echo. Tonight, Mister Elevator And The Brain Motel, Santoros, and Crown Plaza will open.

KTL_Echo Poster

Kera And The Lesbians’ Official Site, Kera And The Lesbians on FacebookKera And The Lesbians on Twitter, Kera And The Lesbians on InstagramKera And The Lesbians on YouTubeKera And The Lesbians on Souncloud

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