“Constant Is The Calling” by Globelamp

_mg_3234a10x15When Elizabeth le Fey puts on a flower headband and plays in her Dana Point garage, she becomes Globelamp –a lo-fi project that strums dreamy psychedelia and records on an eight track. Her style is a whimsical ode to hazy lullabies and mystic daydreams and considering her likeness to a faerie, she might have fit in well with the freak folk craze of the mid-aughts. Here’s her song “Constant Is The Calling” off her recent album Star Dust which will soon be re-released by Gazelle Recordings with additional songs:

Globelamp will perform on Thursday, February 13th at Trip along with Spaceships, Mean Dream, and Honey Power.


Globelamp on Facebook, Globelamp on TwitterGlobelamp on YouTubeGlobelamp on TumblrGlobelamp on BandcampGlobelamp on Soundcloud

One thought on ““Constant Is The Calling” by Globelamp

  1. […] The Galaxy Electric will soon tour the West Coast with Globelamp. […]

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