“Calm Down” by The Galaxy Electric (Premiere)

imageOur favorite married couple from Pasadena, Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green, are back with a new moniker. No longer a solo piano project (Swan) or a digi-pop act (Thurlow), the creative duo now front a psychedelic pop band dubbed The Galaxy Electric. Their self-described sound is “music the stars would dance to” conjured by sprinkling sporadic sounds via lo-fi recording techniques. But piercing above it all is Caruso’s reliable swoon. This is what the past thought the future would sound like. Here’s their first single “Calm Down”:

The Galaxy Electric will soon tour the West Coast with Globelamp.


The Galaxy Electric on Facebook, The Galaxy Electric on Twitter, The Galaxy Electric on InstagramThe Galaxy Electric on Tumblr, The Galaxy Electric on BandcampThe Galaxy Electric on Soundcloud

One thought on ““Calm Down” by The Galaxy Electric (Premiere)

  1. Drum rumba beat is very refreshing and different
    .Reminds me of Zappa tango with the saxophone and the vocals are waltzing around it almost cat like

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