“Stoned To The Bone” by The Cigarette Bums

IMG_4913You can’t be more authentically lo-fi than The Cigarette Bums. The Silver Lake band proudly coats a ceaseless fuzz over their retro garage-pop as if stolen from a long-lost beach bash flick. Fronted by bassist Steven Carrera along with drummer Paul Carter (of Snow Wite) and guitarist Jaime Rosas, the trio is currently recording their next release, Son Of The Bums (Lolipop Records), with Wyatt Blair producing. It’s not due until this summer, but for now you can enjoy “Stoned To The Bone” off their last EP Holy Smokes:

And here’s their self-made tour video featuring the song:

The Cigarette Bums next perform at KXSC Fest this Saturday, March 29th.


And later that day at Sick City Fest at The Redwood Bar.


The Cigarette Bums on Facebook, The Cigarette Bums on Twitter, The Cigarette Bums on Instagram, The Cigarette Bums on YouTubeThe Cigarette Bums on Bandcamp

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