Interview with Parade of Lights

ParadeOfLightsPressPhoto2_CreditKathrynHancockParade Of Lights‘ second EP, Golden, recently dropped on March 28th via Astralwerks. Replete with blasts of synth-pop and electro rock, the songs are perfect SoCal party anthems.


We wanted to learn more about the group so we sent vocalist/guitarist Ryan Daly a few questions.

We know how you and Anthony met, but how were Randy and Michelle recruited to complete the line-up?

“Anthony and I have known Randy since 2006. We played in various bands together and parted ways for a bit after Polus went on hiatus. We went on to take on session gigs individually, and after those fizzled we formed Parade of Lights. After a couple quick lineup changes, Anthony and I reconnected with Randy and the core of POL was solidified. As for Michelle, the first time I saw her she was playing in another band and I knew she’d be a perfect fit. So… I stalked her on Facebook. At first she was committed to her band but decided after speaking with a mutual friend she was ready for something new. By this point, I had asked her to play with us three or four times.”

Do you think Los Angeles and/or SoCal has a new sound? How does your band fit into it?

“In my experience, L.A. has always been a hodgepodge of different sounds. A lot of new music seems to be leaning electronic; which I like. That being said, there are still plenty of rock bands coming out of L.A. too. I don’t feel there is any cohesive ‘sound’ coming specifically out of Los Angeles. I’ve never felt that we’ve fit anywhere to be honest. We’ve played tons of L.A. shows where we stuck out like a sore thumb and people had a hard time deciding whether to put their drinks down to clap or not. We just do what we do as genuinely as possible.”

You mention iconic bands such as Failure, My Bloody Valentine, and Depeche Mode as major inspirations, but your sound tends to be more pop oriented. Where does this come from?

“What inspires us about those bands is the sounds they create. We love lush, cinematic, and overblown sounds. And we incorporate those into what we do; which could be classified as pop. Those bands inspire us, but we also love pop music. We were blasting Madonna in the van today. To me, personally, nothing is as effective as a great pop song. Our goal is to combine all of the above.”

Your new EP Golden is stellar and leaves us craving more. Do you know the title and release date of your debut full-length?

“Thank you. At the moment, no. But we are working on new material for a full-length.”

Parade Of Lights is currently on tour with X Ambassadors.


Parade Of Lights’ Official SiteParade Of Lights on FacebookParade Of Lights on TwitterParade Of Lights on InstagramParade Of Lights on YouTube

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