“Only One” by Sympathetic Frequencies

sf_photo1Led by Trevor O’Neill, Sympathetic Frequencies is a Silver Lake-based outfit caught between grooving indie rock and spatial Britpop. Their debut EP, Possible Oceans, was recorded at Sleepy Wizard Studios in Oakland and features the Milo Greene-channeling “Only One”:

Sympathetic Frequencies will headline The Satellite tonight along with The Cigarette Bums and Sex Helicopter.


Sympathetic Frequencies’ Official SiteSympathetic Frequencies on FacebookSympathetic Frequencies on TwitterSympathetic Frequencies on InstagramSympathetic Frequencies on BandcampSympathetic Frequencies on Soundcloud

One thought on ““Only One” by Sympathetic Frequencies

  1. walkinonthemoon!:D says:

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING. AMAAAAZZZZZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! They should have whoever did Las Brujas’ “Sweaty Windows” vid do something for them. It’d be gorgeous. In both meanings of the words. And in case you’re wondering, interpret that however you please 🙂

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