“Dust And Bones” Music Video by Night Terrors of 1927

NTO1927 Ewald 0093Night Terrors of 1927 rose from obscurity to popularity with a few leaked tracks, but that should be no surprise since the group was founded by indie veterans Jarrod Gorbel (The Honorary Title) and Blake Sennett (Rilo KileyThe Elected). Their debut EP Guilty Pleas was released late last year via Atlantic Records and is filled with soaring melodic-pop anthems. Their highly anticipated debut full-length is forthcoming, but for now enjoy the bizarre official music video for their first single “Dust And Bones” directed by Darren Craig:

Night Terrors of 1927 will soon tour with Fitz and The Tantrums.


Night Terrors of 1927’s Official SiteNight Terrors of 1927 on FacebookNight Terrors of 1927 on Twitter, Night Terrors of 1927 on Instagram, Night Terrors of 1927 on YouTube, Night Terrors of 1927 on Soundcloud

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