“Love Don’t Go” Music Video by The Family Crest

TFC_credit-Danielle-Masucci_2Bands functioning as music collectives are not new (The Polyphonic Spree set the standard over a decade ago), but that doesn’t mean they’re still not astounding. The Family Crest is led by Outer Richmond denizen Liam McCormick who founded the act along with bassist John Seeterlin to create a project that they “could be proud of.” After emailing old friends and posting online ads, they recruited an arsenal of musicians that now consists of a seven-piece core and over 400 “Extended Family” members. Their second full-length, Beneath The Brine (Tender Loving Empire), was recently released and is a wave of orchestration ranging from romanticism to swing but at the heart of each song is melodic-pop indie rock (i.e. The Ross Sea Party, Milo Greene) complete with “woah, woah, wo” gang vocals. 


But McCormick hears something else:

“It’s like listening to the last two years of my life. All of my best friends that I’ve met are in one place, together.”

Here’s the impressive one-shot music video for their single “Love Don’t Go” that proves their numerous and diverse roster:

The Family Crest will tour this June with fellow music collective act Mother Falcon.


The Family Crest’s Official Site, The Family Crest on FacebookThe Family Crest on TwitterThe Family Crest on Instagram, The Family Crest on YouTubeThe Family Crest on TumblrThe Family Crest on BandcampThe Family Crest on Soundcloud

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  1. […] I really enjoyed the “Love Don’t Go” Music Video by The Family Crest. […]

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