“Lois Lane” by Sabrina Antoinette (Premiere)

Sabrina_SH_02-71V1Sabrina Antoinette may have been raised in Texas, but now she’s fully embraced the frenzy lifestyle of Hollywood. With fierce vocals of passion and an edgy presence, she is destined for party popster status. Her debut EP, Kiss Kiss x Bang Bang, is due very soon via CBE (making her apt labelmates with U.G.L.Y.) and opens with the epic indie pop ballad “Lois Lane” that demands to be blasted as Antoinette cuts through the synths and digi-beats with a smooth soft croon:

“You can be my Superman and I’m your Lois Lane tonight…”

Sabrina Antoinette’s Official SiteSabrina Antoinette on FacebookSabrina Antoinette on TwitterSabrina Antoinette on InstagramSabrina Antoinette on YouTubeSabrina Antoinette on Tumblr, Sabrina Antoinette on BandcampSabrina Antoinette on Soundcloud

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2 thoughts on ““Lois Lane” by Sabrina Antoinette (Premiere)

  1. Yoshi3b says:

    She’s my new fave! Love her songs & voice. Can’t wait for the EP to drop.

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