Q&A with In The Valley Below

ITVB_DoorAfter leaking a few somber indie rock tracks, In The Valley Below went from ambiguous pop duo to international buzz band. Now their debut EP, Man Girl, will be released tomorrow (May 6th) via Capitol/Caroline


Free Bike Valet wanted to know more about the release, so we asked Jeffrey Jacob (vocals/guitar) and Angela Gail (vocals) some questions:

How did you decide on the title for your debut EP Man Girl?
Jacob: “We simply wanted something that describes us visually.”
Gail: “I am always a man in my dreams.”
How and where did you record it?
Jeffrey: “We recorded and produced it ourselves mostly at our rehearsal space in Downtown LA. We also recorded some at our friend Pete Min‘s studio.”
Can you tell us more about your forthcoming full-length The Belt?
Jacob: “Our full length album will be released in the States later this year we hope. Maybe at the end of summer?”
Gail: “We are working with different labels in different countries, so they are all doing something different. We change a song on each version of the album too, so it’s special everywhere.”
Are you still brewing beer and collecting vintage dresses?
Jacob: “Yes, we bottled a blonde last night.”
Gail: “Then we dressed her in vintage white denim.”
In The Valley Below begins their May residency at The Echo tonight along with The Mercy Beat, Soft Swells, and Pillar Point.


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