“Sea You In Hell” by INTIMATCHINE (Premiere)

IM_ChelseyINTIMATCHINE leaks another track, “Sea You In Hell,” off their debut EP I’ll Eat You Last. The Glendale-based coed duo excels at being a moody intellectual enigma by making hypnotic soundscapes filled with darkwave synths, sluggish beats, and luscious vocals that evoke a Portishead-style trip-hop:

We wanted to know more about INTIMATCHINE so we hit up vocalist Chelsey Holland:

How did you two originally meet?

“During a debate in a college course that required the male students to make pro versus anti-slavery arguments. Chris defended pro while my boyfriend was anti. What kind of slavery it was I cannot remember, but there was a deep-seated understanding of divide and performance. It was a compelling delusion that committed me to the latter. I’ve been with Chris ever since.”

Where did you record your debut EP?

“This EP includes songs recorded in Echo Park at Bedrock Studios and our first tiny, shared apartment in Silver Lake. Now residing in Glendale, we have more room to exercise our extravagance. Our bedroom is equal parts dance studio, recording space, and bed.”

What was the inspiration behind its title I’ll Eat You Last?

“The title comes from a contemporary play starring Bette Midler. The context of the play bears no resemblance to what we take from its simple rhetoric: an impossible declaration of intimidation.”

Do you already have plans for your next release?

“We are in the works of recording five new songs for our next EP as well as writing scripts and soundtracks for a series of short, personal video-dramas. It’s a voyeuristic account of our relationship and a disorienting confessional of sexual altercations.”

Can you explain why you both claim to be active on dating websites? Aren’t you two married to each other?

“We’re both orientalists. Intrigued by the ‘other.'”


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