“Twins” by Wartime Recitals (Premiere)

wartime recitals press photoWartime Recitals owes its origin to a craigslist post uniting Jonathan Krueger (vocals/guitar) and Hugo Gomez (keys) in East L.A., but now the band prefers to escape to Big Bear to write songs in rented cabins. As a sextet with just as many guest members, their sound naturally carries a grandiose level of orchestration that builds to epic waves of indie rock chamber pop –as if Arcade Fire was raised under the Cali sun instead of the Great White North. Their self-titled EP will be released near the end of June and was recorded at Kingsize Soundlabs and mixed by Dave Trumfio (WilcoTerraplane Sun). Here’s their latest single, “Twins,” which showcases the heartfelt harmonics of Krueger and violinist/vocalist Morgan Paros:

Wartime Recitals will perform on May 30th at El Cid along with Sanglorians, Raw Fabrics, and Nick Lampone & The Sweethearts.


Wartime Recitals’ Official PageWartime Recitals on Facebook, Wartime Recitals on Twitter, Wartime Recitals on InstagramWartime Recitals on Soundcloud

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