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“What I Am Doing” by Hi Ho Silver Oh (Premiere)

1964803_729952117047690_4083406368580320267_nLed by vocalist/guitarist Casey Trela, Hi Ho Silver Oh is a Silver Lake-based quartet who likes to keep their brand of indie rock bursting with whimsical zeal. Their use of stacked harmonies and a plethora of instruments (horns, strings, and things) gives the band a ruse as an act twice their number. Their new leaked track, “What I Am Doing,” is off a forthcoming EP and begins with a quirky digital intro but soon blasts their signature warm wall of sound:

Hi Ho Silver Oh begins their July residency at Bootleg HiFi on July 7th along with Rainman, Cassorla, and Fellow Bohemian.


Hi Ho Silver Oh’s Official Site, Hi Ho Silver Oh on FacebookHi Ho Silver Oh on TwitterHi Ho Silver Oh on InstagramHi Ho Silver Oh on TumblrHi Ho Silver Oh on YouTubeHi Ho Silver Oh on BandcampHi Ho Silver Oh on Soundcloud

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Gothic Tropic, Beach Party, The Thermals (Show Pics)

Gothic TropicGothic Tropic, Beach Party, and The Thermals recently performed at The Roxy for Red Bull Sound Select.

RBSS x The Thermals Flyer 5.5 x 8.5 for WEB

And photog Erik Voake was there to shoot the show.

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“Precious Stones” by Seatraffic is Mark Zannad and Brandon Harrison –two dudes hooked on “synthesizers, drums, and dreams.” They practice in Tenderloin but wrote most of their debut full-length, Beauty in the Night, at a rural cottage off the coast of Oregon. The forthcoming album was produced by Nic Pope at Different Fur Studios and here’s its first leaked track “Precious Stones” which somehow simultaneously channels a retro and futuristic vibe:

Seatraffic will perform tonight at Touch Vinyl along with RVRSE.


Seatraffic’s Official Site, Seatraffic on FacebookSeatraffic on Twitter, Seatraffic on InstagramSeatraffic on YouTubeSeatraffic on Bandcamp, Sea Traffic on Soundcloud

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10153238_731334950233692_1213625744_nRVRSE (formerly known as Knesset) is an indie rock trio who practice in the Fairfax District by mending together spatial soars and pop melodies with shoegaze fury. Their EP, Sage, is forthcoming but for now here’s the single that inspired their new moniker (which Death Cab For Cutie would have written if they had more testosterone):

RVRSE performs tonight at Touch Vinyl along with Seatraffic.


RVRSE’s Official Site, RVRSE on FacebookRVRSE on TwitterRVRSE on InstagramRVRSE on YouTube, RVRSE on BandcampRVRSE on Soundcloud

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“Scissors + Fire” by Meg Olsen

mego_pressMeg Olsen is a folk-rock songstress who naturally writes alt-country odes out of her Laurel Canyon abode. Her debut full-length, Charade, was recently released and is filled with pure heart, warm vocals, twangy instruments, and an unapologetic homage to Kathleen Edwards, Jenny Lewis, and Neko Case. Here’s its first single “Scissors + Fire”:

Meg Olsen will next perform on June 28th at Hotel Cafe.


Meg Olsen’s Official SiteMeg Olsen on FacebookMeg Olsen on TwitterMeg Olsen on YouTubeMeg Olsen on BandcampMeg Olsen on Soundcloud

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“Fool’s Gold” Music Video by yOya (Premiere)

yoya_duoFriends since grade school, Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich eventually relocated from Oregon to Mid-City to form yOya. Their last EP, Go North (New Professor Music), was recently followed up with the new single “Fool’s Gold.” The track channels a folk throwback vibe via an acoustic guitar and repetitive vocal harmonies, but also present is a keyboard and tried drum machine which carry the track into an indie-rock chamber-pop soundscape that Jump, Little Children beautifully perfected over a decade ago:

And here’s the song’s abstract laden music video:

yOya will next perform on July 1st at The Echo along with PHOX and Trails & Ways.

yOya’s Official Site, yOya on FacebookyOya on TwitteryOya on InstagramyOya on YouTubeyOya on Bandcamp

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Tower, Movement, EXROYALE, Hoodlem (Show Pics)


TOWER, MOVEMENT, Hoodlem, and EXROYALE recently performed at The Echo for Popshop West.


And photog Dave Rosenblum was there to shoot the show.

Dave Rosenblum’s Official SiteDave Rosenblum on FacebookDave Rosenblum on TwitterDave Rosenblum on Instagram

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“Home” by Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry - BeachFreedom Fry has been holed up in their home studio working on their next release (and first created since being married). They recruited engineer Joe LaPorta (Beach House, Vampire Weekend, The Postal Service) to master the songs and judging by the first leaked track, “Home” (an ode to Los Angeles), the couple might be returning to the somber vibe of their Outlaws EP –except now with a lite dreamy overtone:

Freedom Fry’s Official SiteFreedom Fry on FacebookFreedom Fry on TwitterFreedom Fry on InstagramFreedom Fry on Soundcloud

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“Drift” by Carlton

Carlton_Press_PhotoWhen Carlton isn’t eating Mexican food or hanging out with dogs, they’re taking a soul-funk approach to modern pop at their Reseda-based practice space. The trio of young dudes are currently working on a follow-up to their debut EP, Stretching, but have already leaked the track “Drift” which glows under smooth synths, chillax guitar grooves, mellow dance vibes, and a confident falsetto via guitarist Richard Wynne:

Carlton performs on June 25th at Bootleg Bar for Blind Date L.A. along with Wild Party, Bryce Vine, and 8th Grader.


Carlton’s Official SiteCarlton on FacebookCarlton on TwitterCarlton on InstagramCarlton on YouTube, Carlton on TumblrCarlton on Soundcloud

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“Satisfaction” by Hopscotch

hopscotch_2Hopscotch is the alt-R&B trip-hop project by Echo Park vocalist Angela LaBaw. Her second release, Archer EP & Remixes, is a brooding collection of trap snares, haunting synths, experimental elements, and an angelic vox floating above it all. Here’s the EP’s opening track “Satisfaction”:

Hopscotch’s Official SiteHopscotch on FacebookHopscotch on TwitterHopscotch on InstagramHopscotch on YouTubeHopscotch on Soundcloud 

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