“What I Am Doing” by Hi Ho Silver Oh (Premiere)

1964803_729952117047690_4083406368580320267_nLed by vocalist/guitarist Casey Trela, Hi Ho Silver Oh is a Silver Lake-based quartet who likes to keep their brand of indie rock bursting with whimsical zeal. Their use of stacked harmonies and a plethora of instruments (horns, strings, and things) gives the band a ruse as an act twice their number. Their new leaked track, “What I Am Doing,” is off a forthcoming EP and begins with a quirky digital intro but soon blasts their signature warm wall of sound:

Hi Ho Silver Oh begins their July residency at Bootleg HiFi on July 7th along with Rainman, Cassorla, and Fellow Bohemian.


Hi Ho Silver Oh’s Official Site, Hi Ho Silver Oh on FacebookHi Ho Silver Oh on TwitterHi Ho Silver Oh on InstagramHi Ho Silver Oh on TumblrHi Ho Silver Oh on YouTubeHi Ho Silver Oh on BandcampHi Ho Silver Oh on Soundcloud

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